Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dog gone happy

Last time I wrote some major changes were happening in our lives. Within a 3 year time span, my old pack, Lana, Lola, and Bruno all left with their paw prints forever engraved in my heart, to join each other over the rainbow bridge where they would be cancer free, and jump high without the pain of arthritis, and eat as many bones and treats imaginable. That's the great thing about pain, you never envision getting through it but we do.
 In the Dog world "A new pup will lick your tears away." At least I was so busy tending and training to my new family members, Kumo and Val, my tears were mostly of joy and happiness of how simply amazing my brood was becoming. I think Dog owners, including myself tend to take a lot on when adopting. It's like a relationship, you are taking in past baggage, and the good, the bad, and the ugly. My baggage came in 89 lbs of a long haired Shepherd and 2 previous homes. My 65 lb Boxer  had one previous home as far as we knew and then later abandoned in the street after being used for her litter. He had aggression issues, she had submission issues. In the dog world I learned that a lot like humans, the Big bad wolf will prey on little red riding hood if she lets him get away with it.  With much support from my friends, I sought the professional training and advice of Eran Shine, Anyone with a Breed as high level and energetic as a German Shepherd, I urge you to seek him out. Positive reinforcement and providing a secure environment, along with the proper tools for your pet to flourish and learn is what Eran is all about.
 Most of my past dog training with my late Pit bulls and Shepherd Bruno, came from a few group sessions and a few individual with various trainers even Tia Torres the infamous pit bull rescuer, none had ever really left as big an impact on me, or my dogs. This time change came from a new way of  thinking. and knowledge I gained from training with Eran. With out realizing it I was creating conflict between myself and my dog by letting  Kumo get away with things, for example without even realizing it what I envisioned a lick toward Valentina during certain times at walk or play was not a loving kiss but bullying her on the walk. This had to be absolved between themselves and myself as the moderator.  If not corrected quickly in Cesar Millan conversation this would be red flag territory.
Valentina is no longer a target and prey for Kumo. He is no longer running after her like prey and her running away for her life. that behavior has forever changed in my presence. It all begins with recall, not just come, sit, stay, heal, down. Seeing behavior change for the better. with something of value that gets your dogs attention for Kumo it comes in the form of a green tennis ball.
I don't participate in group off leash play with my dogs not because I am antisocial, but because unless both dogs come when I call, then I am asking for trouble. Kumo is almost there, Valentina, my brazen Boxer, not yet. I rejoice in seeing the changes that repetitive training and recycled tennis balls have done to our lives. Valentina is back, feeling secure and in charge at least until I throw the next ball. With much gratitude to all the positive Dog trainers and Authors that make a huge difference in my life training.
I also thank my Westside German Shepherd Rescue peeps for the wonderful hikes with the dogs that makes me a better mom and hopefully brings them to a forever home where they are cherished as much as I do, my beautiful Beasts, Kumo And Valentina.
And I am forever thankful to my beloved Pasadena Humane Society, Where I went in looking for a Shepherd and I came out with a Boxer. Until the next hike!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

the honeymoon is over {doggie drama}

Well, I knew the perfect boy was impossible. I have been in honeymoon bliss with my beloved boy that I mentioned here,

The nice thing is I got inspired to give some love back to my garden that was seriously slacking I even put up new solar lighting so I could enjoy the beautiful evening weather while petting my new boy and  enjoying a glass of vino! My morning ritual consists of a morning walk with he and Val. I like to save  a little special time in the evenings for just he and I on a walk just to get to know each other better.
I have read enough Cesar Millan and Tamar Geller books to know what red flags are in dog behavior. How I missed it on the morning playtime makes me feel like a failed mom who didn't protect her kid in time. The kid happened to be Valentina my boxer dog. I had just started to allow the two time off the lead after a 30 minute walk.We were in an enclosed grassy area on our regular early morning walk. Our big beautiful boy, Bear, Luca, Mio ( we haven't chosen his forever name yet) did well the first day, but I firmly put him back on lead soon after her started barking and playing way too hard and ignoring my commands to stop and come. The second day I let Val have time on her own first as she started her regular revolutions around me or what I like to call hearts around me, hence her name. Suddenly Bear'sleash was out of my hand and he was after her. I never even realized she was hurt until she started running up to me looking up at me, like she needed me. As I regained their leads and we started walking I saw the puncture. I hoped it was just a scratch. My vet told me otherwise.

it's amazing how well, sit and stay work after a long walk!

I haven't given up yet, but I am glad I was encouraged to take the time as a Foster to get to know him before further action.  I will give time to heal and follow up with the WSGSR and ask for some help ASAP  with his training and behavior. It's funny once you stop humanizing an animal you kind of get your power back. Or maybe he just knows I mean business. Val seems to have forgiven him, I saw her licking his face and ears or maybe she just liked that nice tea tree oil I had just sprayed on him! Yes, Caesar I agree, Dogs have a lot to teach us, especially about living in the moment.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to master the selfie and I'm too old for braids

I'm back again, I have to say I realize why I stopped blogging, besides life challenges  I was facing as seen here. It takes time! I skimmed through my past blogs and it's amazing what a difference a 4 years makes. As much as I love all the pretty pictures some my own and many inspirational, I no longer want or have the desire to have the best pictures but rather the best representation of real life in la vida buena de Gina.
When the weather warms up I like to make changes in my clients and myself as well. One of my favorite gentle reminders is, "What's the use of having long hair if it's always in a ponytail?"
I'm thinking of rocking this look again soon. I've been wearing too many ponytails!
while admiring my new look last year, I accidentally starting video taping myself
I personally am sick of taking selfless and even considered a plus one so he could take pictures of me!
         but that didn't work I hate online dating, so I'm still taking selfies
 It  was obviously a slow day in the salon, see that those little bottles through the mirror?
Some of my all time favorites for braids and even dirty hair. Fresh hair, I favor during dry hair cutting powder puff, adds a little texture for braids and cool up do's,night rider for my cool guys and guys who sport short hair and faux hawks and it smells like lemon Verbena. I'm a sucker for great smelling hair products!

Braids are red hot for Spring as seen here in a previous post. 

I'm too old for braids what was I thinking?

no matter how you look at it

highlights always make hair up styled hair look better and brighter    

Pink hair don't care another favorite from KMcolor bug
for some fair dust of pink that just washes out.

  the great thing about mannequins is you can lighten the heck out of the hair and she'll never complain about hair falling out, not that I work that way! 

and then there's hair stitching, but thats another post!

Life happens when you are living

It's been a few years since I last blogged. Looking back at my last post, I reflect on the many challenges I was facing, aging dogs, job change, relationship status, financial hardship. All very difficult life changing difficulties. It's no wonder I needed to take a break. Since then I have lost 3 of my life loves, Lana, Lola and Bruno. My 2 pit bulls, lived 15 lovely years, though never long enough they taught me so much about unconditional love and diversity. My Shepherd, Bruno passed almost a year ago, and I grieved him heartily. A friend once told me, "There are so many canine companions out there that need your love and can take away the heartache." While, I wasn't really ready, then came Valentina, my beautiful Boxer, and just recently Kumo a beautiful long haired Shepherd. Life happens when you are living, you just never know what curve balls it will throw you or what beautiful surprises await. "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you have always gotten." Another wonderful reminder from a friend. I started changing what I was doing and how I was thinking, mostly fear based, and started living more in the present.  A new way of thinking and living life with my two wonderful companions has begun to unfold.
Bare with me while I post, it's been a while, but I will try to do my best, and hopefully keep sharing
                                                    my happiest days start with her

her eyes as big as saucers, she gets a lot of love

and the best thing about it all is the love she gives to me

meet our new boy

                                                                    not him!

                                                          but this beautiful boy.

to be continued… Goodnight!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

diamonds and dogs {a girls best friend}

turning my dreams into plans is taking up this girls time lately you can read all about it here
I hope this explains the lack of consistency in my posts
even dreams of travel have been put on hold
when you have a dear best friend you never want to leave when there not feeling their best as I mentioned here
don't think I'm missing out though,
I still like to glam it up
I just bring my best friends along, both of them. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

beauty bootcamp

beauty bootcamp in braids and summer updo's
That's where I've been, looking this good takes work!
How you doing? You can read more of my bootcamp inspiration on my other post here.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

pin me up

Sexy, soft, silhouettes, like this, are timeless and make me want to pin up some hair and watch as a style comes to life
have you noticed red is taking over in the hair color department?

What do you think? Is she better as a redhead or blonde?

I hope you spend some time dreaming, and reading, and doing the things you love this weekend.
Ah the allure of a luxurious bath and some salts to soak my aching feet, it's been a busy day.

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