Friday, April 22, 2011

recipe for love

 After some surgery and a brief stay at the doggie hospital, my girl is home and so happy to have her right by my side.
Giving her a whole lotta love including her favorite walk. Cooking up her special diet of Chicken, parsleygarlic, mixed with plain non-fat yoghurt. Sheeez a better diet then mine! Oh and did I mention the chicken was organic? Checked out recipes from this Dog Friendly cancer diet. Looks like she'll be eating a lot of protein, and less kibble. So interesting how dog's diseases nowadays mirror humans. Even with all of the Green tea powder, fish oil and flax seed, I have given both of my dogs through the years it didn't keep a tumor away. 
The good news is she seems to be recovering strong and healthy and that is a sign of what daily exercise, sprinkled with lots of love and topped with proper nutrition will do.


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