Tuesday, April 5, 2011

babies all grown up {nicole richie}

Love this editorial of Nicole back with her beautiful baby Harlow

that was then...
this is now...
and seems like the girl never has a bad hair day. Even her kids are sporting trendy hair check out Sparrow's faux hawk, and Harlow's halo of curls. My other favorite post, Nicole Richie in the salon and
her Brazilian Blowout inspiration here

via bazaar,theblockmagazine


Alina said...

love this post and totally love Nicole Richie, great style and personality!

Best Wishes! Hope you're great :)

Maddalena said...


Raven said...

I never noticed how beautiful Nicole Richie is! That first picture of her and her baby is a great shot. I love all of the dresses she is wearing in these pictures too.

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