Friday, October 29, 2010

trick or treat {have a thriller night}

trick or treat, how about some kandee
do you have your costume all picked out yet?
or do you wait until the last minute like me?
What are you doing this Halloween?  I hope you have a thriller night

Monday, October 25, 2010

treats for the sweets + {LV luxury}

Vet visits are not my favorite thing nor for my furry best friends. To make things better a few peanut butter cookie treats as seen here followed by a walk make it all better. LV lust seen here complete with a dog collar reminds me that someone has a Birthday coming up. Lana has a vintage one perhaps the Bruno boy should have one too after all in my house it's a dogs life as seen here. More from this lovely editorial here. More vintage LV finds here and my lust here. I'll take any of these lovely bags above how about you?

image: ilvoelv

Friday, October 22, 2010

simple little things

 like a new way to style a tucked up pony or chignon, add a few sprigs of nature
this clutter free small dream room complete with jaw dropping chandelier

Happy Friday loves, nothing like the end of the week to celebrate with a little inspiration of simple little things that make life so easy. While growing out my hair I found that the simplest twists are so much more becoming and make rainy day hair a breeze. This clutter free room is beckoning to me I have the chandelier and the white bedding how about those blinds..a cool way to great the day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

step outside your make up box

This new online magazine Beautyetc with simply glamorous inspiration on how to step outside the make up artist box with cool streaks, shimmery saturation, and fun accents. When I am preparing for a show I like to look at a lot of inspiration and take a dive into something new that peaks my interest. I think show stopping make up onstage needs some dramatic saturation of color like this with lots of lashes. What do you think?
A similar color palate of shimmer and pastels, it just goes to show sometimes the best make up is timeless just like Audrey here

images: MarissaNemes,audreyhepburnannex

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a sight for sore feet {part deux}

love these glass slippers they truly make me starry eyed as seen here
a sight for sore feet

I just received my new fall booties that I ordered in black but arrived in Slate. I actually like the color better than the practical black that I ordered. After all grey is the new black in my book. I like that they are sky high. The bad news is are not very functional as my work shoes. Maybe if I keep these pretty ballerinas on hand I'll be ok. Do you ever do that? Just keep wearing those pretty shoes even though there killing you? 
Just when I'm ready to settle into some comfort like these pretty ballerina's I read this article, what do you think are you ready to settle down or stay up high

Monday, October 18, 2010

fall inspiration... {pretty nails pumpkin lattes, braided chignons}

 Fall inspiration with so many lovely styles to chose from, up or down, braided or soft waves. I love running my hands through my clients hair with a fresh coat of fall color on my nails and with a little twist of my wrist appear fun creations like this fishtail twist. 
 Fall pleasures like pumpkin latte's
still dreaming of a new handbag like this..
and maybe even some fly sunglasses. How about you? What little delights are you indulging in this fall?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

dog day afternoon {happy sunday}

 Happy rainy day in L.A. It feels like fall, hearing the pitter patter of rain and the scent of pumpkin bread baking in the oven life is good on this Sunday afternoon. A dog walk is always in order, the only thing missing is some cool waterproof gear like this to keep them dry.

images: etsy

Friday, October 15, 2010

happy friday {room with a model view}

A closet view of things that a girl loves, like ruffled blouses, a big armchair to sit in while deciding what Louboutins to wear ..dreamy! I  love the accents like the handbag with it's whimsical statement, lets you know a girl with a sense of humor lives here.  I am always looking for ways to adorn my book shelves and show off lovely antique finds. I love cosmetics in full view wonder what's in those gold boxes? Gotta love a girl who still uses Aqua Net, my old favorite to make my hair stay like glue. You can see more of Coco Rocha's home here

image: fashionising

Thursday, October 14, 2010

las ventanas {hike your hair in a chignon}

A lovely work of art to pile up a chignon this high and smooth
the best light to work in, is the light that comes from mother nature
I am so inspired by the grandiose of the hair as well as the gown

More expert tips to hike your hair up in a chignon here,


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

buzz with the booze {blind barber nyc}

the art of barbering behind this chair
you know this little pug made my heart sing
booze to choose from while you wait
the tools
the shave
is that project runway contestant jeffrey sebelia in the chair?

I have always been mesmerized by old barber shops around town. I even peaked in one recently, near my work hood and paid a visit to the local barbers during a break, according to them business is a little slow, but thank goodness for the regulars.  I love the look of the lighted pole outside the shop that signifies the its open. You don't see that much any more. I love seeing the tools of the trade, so many different attachments for their clippers, and the art of a good, close, shave. I can always tell when one of my male clients has come from a barber, they know the clipper number of their buzz. I am glad to see that it looks like business is booming here, do you think it's the extra bar menu?

images: blindbarber

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

back at the gym

I must admit, I needed a little time off to work outdoors with mother nature and my dogs
Reflecting on all I have learned over the years of exercising.. as in life you have to work hard to get results. Now if only I could ween myself off of sugar I think my life would be perfect.  Amidst all the controversy, this little dynamo, Tracy Anderson does a body good.  I can barely keep up with her video's  they leave me panting even in my own living room, now that's a good work out. What are you doing to keep your body and soul good?

image: here

Monday, October 11, 2010


loving blonder hues in hair and colors that pop
didn't your mother tell you never open bottles with your teeth
a great gift idea, to personalize a bottle of pop on any special occasion
for fall I wouldn't mind some big coke bottle looking lenses like this, how about you?

Reflecting back on this week in the salon one of my greatest inspiration came from colors that pop. Adding more shine to my blondes with an aftercare that seals in the shine. Just because it's fall doesn't mean you can't go brighter. I tend to encourage it as the season is in the midst of changing here in L.A. Why not brighten up your day with a little more color that pops, and in small doses start with some fun fall, hues for nails.

images: oribe,nonpareilmag
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