Wednesday, October 13, 2010

buzz with the booze {blind barber nyc}

the art of barbering behind this chair
you know this little pug made my heart sing
booze to choose from while you wait
the tools
the shave
is that project runway contestant jeffrey sebelia in the chair?

I have always been mesmerized by old barber shops around town. I even peaked in one recently, near my work hood and paid a visit to the local barbers during a break, according to them business is a little slow, but thank goodness for the regulars.  I love the look of the lighted pole outside the shop that signifies the its open. You don't see that much any more. I love seeing the tools of the trade, so many different attachments for their clippers, and the art of a good, close, shave. I can always tell when one of my male clients has come from a barber, they know the clipper number of their buzz. I am glad to see that it looks like business is booming here, do you think it's the extra bar menu?

images: blindbarber

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yolanda said...

Hey Dear~ Awesome story! You took some wonderful pics.


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