Saturday, March 26, 2011

her many loves {remembering Elizabeth Taylor}

How much we know about The late Elizabeth Taylor and her many lovers and subsequent marriages.
Yet little is mentioned about her love for animals. "I sometimes think I prefer animals to people," Taylor once said. "And I was lucky. My first leading men were dogs and horses." 

Listening to Jose′ Eber speak about his 30 years of coiffing the legends hair. I am reminded how important our professional relationships with our clients are. We may make them look and feel beautiful. and with their loyalty throughout the years  Celebrity or not, a client can make us feel like a superstar and that keeps me high on my heels.

tangerine dream {captivated by color}

Have you noticed the lovely pop of color of tangerine this Spring with garments and and even make up ? I love a bright splash of color on nails.  I tend to be a matchy gal, the shoes, with the blouse, you know what I mean. I think I'll just stick to a pop of color in hair, you can wear it with everything. What are you favorite colors this spring?  More tangerine inspiration here


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

thyme for essential oils

 Essential oils have always had a place in my medicine cabinet. I love the soothing effect Tea Tree has on the scalp, to clarify and as a natural anti-bacterial, it also calms skin inflammation  I use Tea Tree oil in it's pure form here and a favorite Lavender Mint in the shower as a body wash. Another favorite is Lemon Sage which I was reminded of, and tickled pink when I saw this lovely little bottle of essential oils  here. Aromatherapy is a great way to start the day with a Thyme, Lemon and Neroli Face Wash and even a  Lemon, Lavender, Face Wash too.  There is even an Aches and Pains Oil to get rid of those unwanted toxins. My favorite thing is to add a few essential oil drops to a pure beeswax votive like these.


Friday, March 18, 2011

strike a pose {kate winslet vogue u.k. 2011}

I'm down with a little ankle injury, surely a reminder that my high heels and repetitive cardio moves need a break
I am ready to hop back up as soon as possible after seeing the lovely Kate Winslet striking a blonder pose here in this editorial
there are some women who just get better with Kate and look at J.Lo on idol stunning!
I am so in love with a little sexy back like this. 
this will surely be my new spring fling
and tidied up buns and knots and smoother hair for  lovely spring evenings ahead

Have a lovely beginning of Spring weekend, More Spring inspiration with braids here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

inspiration beautiful bobs {vidal sassoon}

when you have a geometric, sharp, haircut like this 
and the hair is worn a little fuzzy, in it's natural state
Just came back from seeing this spectacular movie, Vidal Sassoon The Movie. I honestly thought it would never get here in the States. I have been waiting awhile since this post. I love the look of the sixties very reminiscent in what is going on in hair like Michelle Williams twiggy inspired coiff and all the right implements, lashes, and liner, below.
big lashes and extended eyeliner for a lovely doe eyed effect like this

As I relax with a nice sudsy bath before bedtime, I will remember these words that rings so soundly to my soul, spoken from the hair master himself Vidal Sassoon: "Haircutting and styling is a form of design that comes from within, you live it, breathe it, and even spend hours longer mastering your craft to be a truly good artist. "This applies to just about anything you want to succeed in." Some more Vidal inspired inspiration from Tabatha here.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

light up my world {colorful inspiration at kate spade}

How fitting that I fell upon this colorful collection 
This pop of pink from Kate Spade just inspires me every time
More inspiration from this illustrative calendar for a year of colorful living
Beginning with january, break a resolution, done, I am coocoo for coco!
 Fall head over heels, my version this little love is in the hair inspiration, sent to my lovely clients and friends
 Nothing like April showers in January and February
send a postcard, I just love them, thinking of designing a new business card  like this 
I hope you had an accomplished weekend, I just finished organizing my home office, what did you do? More lovely inspiration here

Friday, March 4, 2011

happy weekend {make up and hair tips}

Today I decided to try a little something different with a barely there cream shadow, black shadow as liner and an angled eyebrow brush. (a little shadow tip; when using a cream shadow for a base, eyeliner works better in pencil or powder form).

 So in love with the Brigitte Bardot inspired eyeliner look you see here
With my normal make up palate to start out with a fresh skin look here, poppy powder blush, mineral powder to keep me looking good all day. (A little tip when using tinted moisturizer I stay away from creme blush, too much cream can be a runny mess).

Now all I need to do is master this style, (yes, hairstylists need practice too!) A lovely tutorial here

lovely images via, makeup pages by me

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

kate bosworth {jewelry collection}

you know those moments when you grace the page in a magazine and you just go ahhh..?
that's how I felt when I browsed through this recent InStyle magazine, and caught site of the lovely Kate Bosworth
this is actually an editorial for her Spring jewelry collection for Jewelmint
 but I just got caught up in the hair, Perhaps because I was working on some very cool blondes in the salon today
Love this bracelet, you can click here for more of the collection. My favorite rocking blonde hair look here


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

make up for every occasion

I just love the look and feel of fresh skin 
I prefer very little coverage  for daytime with just the right components to take it to evening my choices below

a tinted moisturizer with a little SPF and a little pot of powder perfect for touch ups, lovely accents like this jeweled pigment powder are perfect for a little luster
I like to add a little crème tint for blush and for lips a nude pencil does wonders to cover imperfections,  on the lip line and add a base for your favorite color or gloss. A colorful palette perfect for spring
I love a little night time drama with a smokey palette. For daytime individual lashes give tired eyes a lift. For night time sexy me up with a long kitten lash. With a creme liner and a flick of your hand as close to the lashes as possible to create this season's sexy look. What are your favorite choices for make up this season?

katemoss,via thestylesite,beccacosmetics,beautyetc

lovely things that inspire

Lovely long hair
and more hair 
 This dazzling shoe will add a spring in my step anytime
this are a sparkly steal! Wish they had my size

Color my world even my excel spreadsheet has a pop of color, makes organizing numbers so much more fun. 
 What are you doing to change things up a little? For me it's a little more color in my home and definitely in the workplace. Don't be afraid to wear some colorful shadows and brighter lips just not together!
More make up tips here.

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