Monday, July 19, 2010

inspiration {bringing back the sixties}

Twiggy I never get tired of looking at that face, those eyes

 Peggy Moffit with a Vidal Sassoon timeless and precision hair mod bob
much of the inspiration for my model, Jennifer's hair + make up came from inspiration above and below
a little bit of sophia and raquel too don't you think?

more Peggy Moffit + le maquillage below

Sometimes short and sweet is better, thought I would share the things that are inspiring me in the salon with this sixties style make up and hair inspiration and some of the inspiration behind my chair at a recent photo shoot I worked on. Any timeless looks inspiring you from the past?

images: twiggy, peggymoffit,jennifersalter,tumblr, video


Anonymous said...

Your model came out beautiful. xo

haircutting in high heels said...

Aww thank you Debby, I don't usually show my own business because there is so much better and beautiful work out there, but it's ok to give ourselves a pat on the back once in a while and share.
Lots of love,

Fé... said...

Twiggy's such an icon indeed :)

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