Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wrap it up

these cut out platform boots from Gucci have been on my inspiration since the fall

a Hermès beach towel, pure luxury, dr.brandt spf, gloss,mascara, morrocan oil and fragrance a necessity

I admit I get a little obsessive about things like wrap around ankle strap shoes. I have a few, and awaiting the arrival of a new pair of wrap around clogs. Since Miami is also an obsession of mine, currently watching Khloe and Kourtney. Although I like to pretend I watch just for peaks of Lamar. On a recent show I loved the air brushing similar to this one from mac make up. A very hungover Khloe was "Feeling fat as f---!" Obviously marriage hasn't changed her potty mouth. After viewing these pics I think she looks fine. Any obsessions you'd like to share?
images: oceandrive


COCAMIA said...

Not a fan but Yes, I think she looks great! Love the image of that woman! Stunning!

Stephanie said...

like the photo and those heels are to die for!!


Anonymous said...

ooh la la gina, those gucci wrap arounds are killah. i could just picture you with them. you are so funny and so true about khloe, potty mouth for sure. that'll be the day we see kobe's wife behaving like khloe.

lovely hearing from you girly, thanks so much for your recent comment.

i hope you have a fabulous weekend.


oh, btw, have you checked out swirl, they are having a sale on some of the cutest wedges right now, i am seriously contemplating on getting me a pair. check the out soon, before they run out. ciao bella

Anonymous said...

My new obsession is definitely having that bag pictured above with all the goodies in it! And maybe something from Burberry's new makeup line.

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

Wow those boots are killer. Wonder how long they take to put on.

Sarah Klassen said...

Ooo, I would love everything you show here! But right now, I'm obsessed with Shiseido's facial sunless tanning cream -- I use it on my entire body, and works so well! Also, Bronzed FX from Color FX in golden peach -- it's sort of a coral color and is heavenly on the eyes, lips, and cheeks for a glow. Lastly, I picked up a really nice coconut lip balm that I adore. It's nothing special, but the scent, and how it feels is perfect for Summer months...

Hope you're having a great day :)


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