Tuesday, July 20, 2010

screen goddess {marion cotillard}

Last week in the salon one of my clients was admiring Marion Coutillard on the cover of this month's Voque. Made me want to be that kind of girl than I saw these from next month's Interview made me want to be this kind of girl too!
just dreamy
right now I'm just a girl and her dogs enjoying the day

what kind of girl are you?

What a versatile actress she is. Looking forward to seeing her in the movie, "Inception," with Leo DiCaprio, (does he ever age?) My favorite, movie with Marion would probably have to be La Vie en Rose, the story of the greatest French songstress, Edith Piaf.


Chris Sebastian said...

Those are such beautiful photographs! Her + the setting + the clothing, everything. Quiet sensuality.

yolanda said...


Sarah Klassen said...

She certainly is... I first saw her on "A Good Year" and thought she was so naturally radiant and serene at the very same time. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos of her!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Fé... said...

Marion. She's fantastic! I have to say once more, one of my favorite actress. As for what time of girl I am, most of the time people perceive me as some kind of dreamy-innocent girl, though I'm trying to alter into someone a bit seductive. Failed miserably :D Hahaha.

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