Thursday, July 15, 2010

boyfriend material {he fits mine}

Seriously this dude has the coolest last name, Sebastian and my nephew's first name. He also has some great gusto to just put it out there. What he wants that is, you can read the full post here:

1.Confidence - I want someone who can act with certainty, someone who is sure of herself.
2.Intelligence - I hope you read, know what’s going on in the world, and can understand different perspectives and views.
3.Humility - Know who you are without feeling the need to tell everyone how great you are or making everything a look-at-me situation. You don’t need to sell yourself to me. I already see something in you.
4.Compatible sense of humor -  Chemistry and timing are two very powerful things, and I love finding someone I can get in sync with. Be dorky. Be witty. Be you.
5.Open to learning - I’m open to learning new things from you, and I hope you’re open to learning new things from me. I don’t like willful ignorance.
6. Good with/ doesn’t hate children -  Not relevant now, but if FutureGirlfriend wants to become FutureWife, she should like children and work well with them
7. Not a slacker -  I try to give whatever I’m doing— work, relationships, etc.— as much as I can. I hope you work hard in whatever you do.
8. Have a creative side - Dance, ballet?
9.Care for others - You don’t have to volunteer every weekend, but do what you can for others
10. Loyal/ committed - I value loyalty. I think there’s security in stability. I love stability. If I’m with you, I’m with you, and you won’t have to worry about me looking elsewhere.
 What do you think? Does this fit some of your boyfriend/girlfriend criteria?

images: zara, vmagazineagentbauer,tumblr


The Zhush said...

So great...put it out into the universe...cause you just never know, right?

Chris Sebastian said...

Thanks for posting my list, Gina! I'm glad to know others value those qualities-- and who knows, maybe Ms. Right will read it? :)

Keep up the great blog!


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Gosh, that fellow is incredibly fine looking. Have a fun weekend;-)

Fé... said...

Wow, what a girlfriend criteria. We slip one time or another, but this is a great reminder :)

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