Tuesday, July 6, 2010

curly girls

the appeal of gold locks

does Halle Berry ever have a bad hair day?
Keri Russell cut her curls off once and created a stir
Annalynne McCord's blonde highlights and honey hues compliment her green eyes

Lots of Holiday shopping in progress this weekend, but not for me  I was returning these shoes. I couldn't help but compliment a girl on her beautiful curly hair. Her mother promptly gave me the goods on her hair product, Mixed Chicks has made a difference in saving her from a frizzy nightmare. I recommend a clarifying shampoo for  all hair types especially curly hair to de-frizz,de-tangle, and add shine. I tend to look a frizzy mess myself sometimes without the flatiron, and without serums to soften the curl. For the early morning walks I just throw on a hat like this. Another one of my favorites for daytime were floral headbands like this until my I lent mine to my 4 year old niece and loved how darling it looked on her. What was I thinking?  What are your favorite go to products to tame your bedhead?

images: beautylaunchpad


SogniSorrisi said...

Thanks for the tips! I have curly hair and sometimes it gives me fits, especially in this kind of sizzling hot weather.

Raven :) said...

Ohhhhh...I love all of the curly hair! I wish mine looked like that. My hair has gotten wavy in the past few years though. So, I can't complain. :)~

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

cork-spring curls! so pretty

Yelena said...

i needed this post.
i have naturally curly hair, and like most curly haired girls, i despise it. i seem to have a good hair day, hmm, once a year?
definetely will check out your advice!
great blog btw! :)

Debby said...

If only I had curls! I am pin straight and it takes work to bend it! xo

Liz said...

"polka dot bikini gurllll" he he, loving the song.

gina hun...

love this post, but why did you have to return your clogs? this post reminds me so much of my comadre (if you will) and her daughter who both own a mane like these and sometimes i wish i had their pretty curls.

question for you miss gina...

how old is too old for cute flower headbands like the one you mentioned. i am seeing so many pretty ones out there, but i sometimes i just think not or maybe i just should. love to get your feedback.


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

If I cut my curls off, I have even tighter curls left behind. Uhhhh and Frizz, you don't know frizz till you have been a Curly Girl in Mississippi Heat next to the Gulf!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, my hair is so curly and messy. lol. Great tips!

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