Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a gift for my dogs { peanut butter cookies} and a gift for me {in a little blue box}

The holiday season is here ,time is a pressing, my tree is awaiting, and I have a desire to spend the extra time baking. It's not usual I love to cook especially deserts like this The difference tonight it's for the dogs. With the colder California weather in full force it feels good to heat up my old hardwoods with some heat from the oven while watching old movies like this favorite. Deciding which recipe to make wasn't too hard this recipe banishing doggie breath made me laugh, but I wanted to add ingredients like flax seed and yucca to help with joints to make those doggie treks up the hills easier. I will be making this Peanut Butter recipe here, with the above mentioned supplements and an addition of carrot puree, minus the raisins.
I haven't forgotten myself, did I mention what I found cleaning out my closet
 All wrapped up in a little blue box. I can't wait to do a little Tiffany shopping. Images from the lovely Holiday campaign here.
images: marthastewart,mylittleboudoir,prettystuff

Monday, November 29, 2010

shoe ornaments

The shimmer of these lovely open toe stiletto's with a simple velvet bow remind me of an ornament on a christmas tree. Reading this post today, inspired me to want to put up my pink tinsel tree soon. 
What things are inspiring you these busy days?

image: vogue es.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

smitten kitten {things to be thankful for}

I just love Abble Lee and her beautiful bangs here and here
I am grateful for the beautiful things in my life on this day of giving thanks
and the lovely inspiration from others past and present
A canvas like this makes people look and feel beautiful with ease, make up by Pat McGrath here 
All I need are the right tools
thank you for keeping me high on my heels!

 I am Thankful for you. Champagne kisses here. Last minute Thanksgiving recipe's here and desert here.

images: fgr,greige,bobbybrown,tumblr,theselby

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

living proof {in search of alternative sulfate free shampoo}

My recent Brazilian Blowout treatment on myself has been a success as far as leaving my hair manageable and frizz free. My blow dry time is minimized and my color treated hair is sleek and healthy as ever. The only downside is my preference of product. Brazilian Blowout maintains that these after care products are essential to keeping the look and it's lasting power,(approximately 3-6 months). I have done a little client research of my own Brazilian Blowout success stories and this is what I have come up with. Most curly hair clients love it, but don't' love the limp, flat hair they can experience at first with a fresh treatment. Thorough washing takes care of this in a week or so. I have suggested even alternating product so there is no residue or build up and the Brazilian Blowout lives on in their hair. 
Living Proof  sulfate free shampoo, I'm going to give it a go on my own hair. I'll let you know how it does with my own Brazilian Blowout tresses.
Now if only I could find a cool faux fur like this, to go with my newly sleek hair

images fashionspreads,sephora

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cut it out {holiday hairdos}

How can something so messy looks so sexy?
Side swept updo with a few wisps left out
headbands are not just for the gym a little embellishment to a sleek beehive
This look reminds me of my favorite lovely Latina, Eva Mendes
Pretty little twists make your party exit unforgettable
I love this eye catching look along with the messy low slung knot

Always open to new ideas when clients bring me tear sheets of a hair cut or style. Here are some Holiday hair do's for you to take to your hairdresser to share, or try yourself. Here are some of my favorites, What about yours? you can browse for more holiday hairdo's here

images: handbag

Saturday, November 20, 2010

lanvin lust

Work day and it's a rainy day, this beautiful red hair brightens me up, more of her fiery hair here
So do these lovely frocks from the Lanvin line at H&M 
Isn't today the day to shop for the first look at the collection?

Love the bowtie pumps and the frilly frock, but if I could just purchase one thing it would be the faux furry black vest, how about you?
More of the collection here

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

travel destination { las vegas}

Last night over drinks a Vegas trip came up as  destination quickie before the Holidays. I suddenly felt reminded of the recent episode on the Beverly Hills Housewives show did you see it?  I think the ladies I am joining are more inclined to have dinner and dancing minus the pole , but then were in Vegas so you never know. What will I take, what will I wear? Most importantly my dogs do I dare leave them for a day or two?  I would like to say we really put no importance on where to stay, but lets face it, it's nice to come back to your hotel and feel good about taking a little luxury time for just you. I would love to see this Cirque du Soleil, show any other suggestions?

images: lamag,rubentoledo cocokellycharlotteolympia,oribe,tumblr,luxuryculture

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

headbands for fall {how to tease}

A headband or braided tuft of hair should look effortless like this, accessorizing can even start with your own hair
The undone bun is where it's at. a little muss with no fuss looks better and easier on your hair!
I see a lot of these headbands at the gym, to give it daytime look a how to below
How darling is this look? A simple added headband and oversized cat eye glasses make a statement.
How to tools: hair pins, tease brush, paddle brush, (elastics not shown)
A paddle brush can be used to smooth out snarls. The little tease brush is a sure way to add fun to your swift little updo. I like to tease starting at the base, and continue on adding a little more hair, spray and smooth. Tuck away any unwanted strays with hairpins.
Headbands can be found every where from Target, H&M, Forever 21 and never a bad hair day with Jennifer Behr pom-pom headgear here, I tend to be a less is more gal, I would be happy with just one  favorite from Anthropologie, what about you? Where are you finding your headgear?

Monday, November 15, 2010

fresh faced beauty {pumpkin peel}

The lovely Spanish Model Alejandra Alonso exudes a look of glamour and grace that I just love. 
 Love this look reminds me of this iconic beauty with a smokey eye, and sexy, voluminous, waves.
I need some tips on how to wear these rings, love the look perhaps this would be a Forever 21 shopping spree? For every skin in between seasons, exfoliating is essential for fresh faced beauty
I am a big fan of pumpkin facials. and you can have one in the privacy of you own home, with a nice candle and some mood music, what a way to relax and bring you back to the fresh faced beauty that you are.
Perfect way to get your skin ready for new some new fall /winter looks, I'm not a big fan of dark lips with a smokey eye but I love it on Scarlett here. What are some of your Seasonal changes for skincare and make up? More of Scarlett's Starlette moment with make up artist, Pat McGrath here

Thursday, November 11, 2010

wild child

I just love leopard, cheetah, faux animal prints. Even in my home one of Lana's favorite resting places are on my Leopard lounge chairs which she does a lot of lately. Reading this post today inspired a few of my favorites above. Imagine my excitement when I saw J.Crew and their new Wild at Heart Collection.  Clothing as dramatic as me! Even with all of the Brazilian Blowout craze I still love Wild hair.
and unforgettable make up, eye catching accents on this dress remind me of these wild lashes below

images: jcrew,bungalow8,fgr,charlotteolympia,sebastianlittleblackbook,scottbarnes
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