Thursday, November 11, 2010

wild child

I just love leopard, cheetah, faux animal prints. Even in my home one of Lana's favorite resting places are on my Leopard lounge chairs which she does a lot of lately. Reading this post today inspired a few of my favorites above. Imagine my excitement when I saw J.Crew and their new Wild at Heart Collection.  Clothing as dramatic as me! Even with all of the Brazilian Blowout craze I still love Wild hair.
and unforgettable make up, eye catching accents on this dress remind me of these wild lashes below

images: jcrew,bungalow8,fgr,charlotteolympia,sebastianlittleblackbook,scottbarnes


hip hip gin gin said...

That fluttery dress is amazing!! And of course J.Crew has done it again I love the campaign, love all the clothes, am about to sign over my house to them!

Hazel Williams said...

Gorgeous images, I love leopard print too!! Although I must admit I don't have anything in my home (at the moment!!)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!!

:) Hazel
Hazel Loves Design

High Heeled Life said...

Thanks for popping in for a visit... because now I have discovered your WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS corner of blogland!!

I may have fallen off my heels for now ... but I still adore them and with each day I hope to get back on them!! HHL

Debby said...

Every girl needs a bit of animal print in her life! Love this. xo

Alina said...

Love this post Gina! I am a little obsessed with animal print (when its done right of course) - dont get me wrong I do not support head to toe leopard print or anything remotely jerseylicious, lol.

Hope all is great!


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