Monday, November 15, 2010

fresh faced beauty {pumpkin peel}

The lovely Spanish Model Alejandra Alonso exudes a look of glamour and grace that I just love. 
 Love this look reminds me of this iconic beauty with a smokey eye, and sexy, voluminous, waves.
I need some tips on how to wear these rings, love the look perhaps this would be a Forever 21 shopping spree? For every skin in between seasons, exfoliating is essential for fresh faced beauty
I am a big fan of pumpkin facials. and you can have one in the privacy of you own home, with a nice candle and some mood music, what a way to relax and bring you back to the fresh faced beauty that you are.
Perfect way to get your skin ready for new some new fall /winter looks, I'm not a big fan of dark lips with a smokey eye but I love it on Scarlett here. What are some of your Seasonal changes for skincare and make up? More of Scarlett's Starlette moment with make up artist, Pat McGrath here


High Heeled Life said...

Great post. the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
looks interesting... yes I agree that look is a reminder of Raquel Welch.. true beauty!

Some seasonal chances for me include; deep cleansing facial, switching to La mere for moisturizing creme to help combat the harsh cold of winter.HHL

Alina said...

What a beautiful model Gina! Gorg!!!

How about moisturizers, what do you use in the cooler season? And does it moisturize without causing acne?


Raven :) said...

The pumpkin peel sounds cool. I wonder if it smells like pumpkin? *Hee Hee* I need to look into some different skin products myself.

stells and co. said...

Love the pics! What a beautiful woman!!!

Secret Dream World of Fe said...

Loving the smoky eyes make up!

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