Thursday, November 25, 2010

smitten kitten {things to be thankful for}

I just love Abble Lee and her beautiful bangs here and here
I am grateful for the beautiful things in my life on this day of giving thanks
and the lovely inspiration from others past and present
A canvas like this makes people look and feel beautiful with ease, make up by Pat McGrath here 
All I need are the right tools
thank you for keeping me high on my heels!

 I am Thankful for you. Champagne kisses here. Last minute Thanksgiving recipe's here and desert here.

images: fgr,greige,bobbybrown,tumblr,theselby



This blog is awesome! look forward to reading more!

Debby said...

I am loving her bangs too! She has the longest legs, huh? I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. xo

Le Placard said...

Thanks for following our blog, we really mean it! Just adore yours as well, such lovely pictures and great inspiration!

this free bird said...

Check out those heels!! GORGEOUS!! And Abbie's bangs really are something else. Sigh


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