Tuesday, April 27, 2010

through the years

puppy love + inspirational collage of beauty

having fun in photo booth with my favorite apple genius Darrell

 Hello loves, have been busy working on some collages and pics to add to my website. Pictures shown here are just a sample collage of my years working with Sebastian and lots of make up imagery as well as my own inspirational, and personal work, and play, pics. I take apple computer classes often enough but sometimes the things I learn don't seem to stay in my instant recall once I leave the building. I Have been trying to export this collage via pages to my iphoto without any luck. This lovely lady has another great reason why I need an ipad with her novel idea of demonstrating Contouring and Highlighting here. I could think of a hundred excuses how I could utilize a new ipad for my Class demonstrations. Some examples: showing technique and images without so much paper waste, Scrolling through photo imagery. The ipad even has a key note app to make any presentation stellar . What do you think of the new ipad?

images: my own

Friday, April 23, 2010

smoking hot heels

that red sole gets me every time

Metallic shoes and especially a bootie, Love

haircutting in stilettos is a little much but  I'll save my feet for these later
I never get tired of this print, especially with leggings and tights in the fall
a sparkly shoe cinderella would love

Have a lovely weekend a few dreamy images from Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter Campaign add.
Getting ready for a busy day, with an impromptu photo shoot and hair galore. Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day

Making a commitment to doing my part to making the world a better place to live has been a work in progress. It starts from the coffee I make in the morning, by choosing Fair Trade, over others.
 Later I use my coffee grounds for compost and even this couple can show you how to make your garden grow with compost, so there go my banana peels as well.
Using Beauty Products like these in larger sizes to cut back on plastic recycling and that support a cause

 I use this shampoo for the whole family

Supporting my local community with local Farmer's Markets and local businesses like these.

 Of course using this method of transportation is always preferable when I can.

come ride with me!

 images:  herbertoluna,flickr, paulmitchell,flickr,myown

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

downtown chic

There are so many great design blogs on the web and doing my research for this post I guess I am a bit late in the game about blogging about this genius design team. I heard about the show a year ago when I first started this blog. Now I am so impressed with all of the hoopla and glory that their towering homes in New York, and Zen style in Brazil display. With their 7 children it's no wonder the whimsical style has been blueprinted in their design. Watching the show and the glorious back drops remind me of the first time I ever stepped foot in the Hotel Delano in South Beach with it's luxury corner Rose bar  with it's sexy, dim, lighting, and glamourous chandeliers hanging overhead. The huge chess set out on the Veranda made me feel like a child stepping foot into a fairy tale. I may be an adult but deep inside I still want to have fun just like those 7 kids.
Look whats waiting for me at my local library, I can't wait!

images: sixxdesigntrendland

Monday, April 19, 2010

lucite love

she reminded me how much I love Lucite heels especially these

I love thinking about having these wrapped around my ankles too, feathers, ruffles, all so sexy

shiny and black nothing like a new hot tool, loving a shiny black patent heel

Kelly Ripa wears these well and shoes how well a neutral pump can go with just about anything

shimmer and shine not just in clothing in shoes but hair too with this product

These fendi lucite platforms have been all over the runway, Demi wears them here, and Julianna wears them here. Love the dressing of her curly locks with added hair swags by Wella Creative Director  Eugene Souleiman. Products like Volumagic gives just the right amount of airy hold for curls and waves.
A dab of Pearl Smooth used on damp hair preserves long lasting waves. Bronzing can start in the bath with products like these above from Sephora. I can't say enough about these Brian Atwood pumps above, I lust for them every time. This girl loves all the glitter and glamour, especially those disco ball looking pumps. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

the lightening curve

lights, camera,
color, make all the difference in the world.  Serge Normant is a genius,

Fergalicious all the way , love this Gautier dress that reminds me of Madonna's Bustier here

Actually I am referring to the Wella Color Lightning curve as seen here below. As a Colorist in the Salon when doing a color consultation I need to know where we are starting, where we want to end and what's in the middle. For example: You have dark brown hair and want to lighten up with no warmth (red) and  want some caramel highlights. Lots of requests for this on Brunettes, Spring thru Summer.
  The Exposed contributing pigment is the most important thing to consider when going lighter.  We need to know where we are starting, where we want to end and what's in the middle. That's when I go back to basics and pull out my color wheel chart and compare with the lightning curve which essentially is showing me the stages and levels of color as it lightens from darkest to lightest. I had a rough last week with a client melt down ruining my weekend. This client came to me with light blonde hair think of Pamela Anderson (uh huh) blonde! Her request, lower maintenance blonde closer to her natural color think of Jennifer Aniston The end result a  warmer blonde, with a cool, blonde, highlights. My thought was she is so blonde anything darker is going to freak her out. I could have taken the easy way and slowly eased into some lowlights but I really wanted to please her and give her what she wanted, lower maintenance hair closer to her natural color. Her service now entailed double process, base color, and highlights, the new color would be highlights only. Substantial savings in time and $ for her. This little rough patch was a reminder that the art of a thorough color consultation is so important.  With pics and swatches of the destination color and a repeat back of what the client thinks that will be, seriously! I utilized my tools thoroughly today and to end a Friday my Lovely Brunette client (think Catherine Zeta Jones) who had very dark brown hair and had been coloring herself had finally entrusted me on her third visit with me to throw in her color towel and let me perform my magic. Her request: lighter brown with Caramel highlights like this. Three hours later and 3 processes later she thanked me for giving her exactly what she asked for and more. I hope this helps to clarify the mystery of color a little and how we hairdressers feel, we really want to please you. Thank you for pleasing me with your lovely comments and inspiring blogs.

images: allure, elle, wella images my own

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inspiration Galliano + SJP Voque 2010

More inspirational Galliano here 

My favorite part is the backstage make up and hair preparations that go into pictorial shoots like this. You can see more of the inspirational Galliano backstage preparedness here
Just wanted to add this tidbit of loveliness from the upcoming Voque magazine. This dress in one of the pictorials fresh off of the Dior runway via the fantabulous (fantastic/fabulous) Anna Wintour, as only she could do and only Sarah could wear so well.  This little video from the Voque shoot is truly inspirational and a little tell all of the women SJP really is more so than the Carrie Bradshaw we first knew and now love. Looking forward to the movie!

a blowout + a bellini

I think this is a novel idea, blow drying classes taught by none other than your favorite hairstylist
One of the most important things beside product, and styling tools is sectioning
The nozzle controls the amount of air directed toward the hair, another tip try to follow the flow by tipping the nozzle downward instead of directly at the hair so you don't over dry and fry hair
A bellini what a novel reward Cheers for a great job done! recipe here

This great concept via the Oscar Blandi Salon. I like the idea, I am constantly asked by my clients if they can have my hands in the morning to lay on their head for that perfectly coiffed  hairdo they leave with. Well now it's all in your hands with these easy tips.

images: nytimes,mindfood

Monday, April 12, 2010

metallic eyes

Metallic eyes are always my favorite for Spring, loving this little treasure palate from Smashbox.
April is also Birthday month in my family, currently celebrating one today in honor of my Sister.
 I can't wait for this new design show premiere tomorrow, 9 By Design, Love their style!

images: studdedhearts tumbler,micasarevista

Thursday, April 8, 2010

eye catching + happy friday

since were in the gold theme how about a little glow below
I love a luminescent touch of translucency
perhaps that's why I love Lucite
A friend of mine asked me for some beauty advice about lashes. She was excited about adding a few individual lashes semi permanently. Lash Extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. This service involves adding individual lashes to your own lash line and the adhesion is a special lash glue. More info here. Usually this time of year when the weather is changing from Spring to Summer as well as the Holiday festivities is when it is all the rage. I remember last summer at my usual gym time 5:30am for spin, instead of sleepy headed girls all of a sudden some of my gym buddies were looking quiet bright eyed and batting some serious lash at that hour! You can't fool a hairstylist, at least not this one. I am all about maintenance, as long as it is in moderation. Continual replacement of the lashes can cause stress and premature lash loss, but then there is always Latisse! Lashes for me? Absolutely I love a lash for work, for play, hot night out or just for fun. What do you think of these lashes...Happy Friday and happy dreaming!

images: luxuryculture,style.com

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

carey mulligan striking a pink pose

love the splash of pink and love those corsets!
I'm sure it's just lighting but I have to say the pink tufts of color on this busy as a little bee actress, Carey Mulligan do make quite a striking statement. I just adore her since her role in An Education, as seen here
more pink fun below
                        love the dog bone for a bow on her head lots of bling
love the nail polish looks like mint candy apple like my friend Alina is wearing here

 images: interviewmagazine, prettykitty

shear genius inspiration + carnival

 curls set with perm rods using potion 9 by Sebastian  a wearable treatment that helps hear Flow. To style,  curls were then backcombed and spritzed with Sebastian Shaper Fierce spray 
A babydoll inspired bob styled for a dramatic poof and sealed with Sebastian Fierce
These vintage inspired waves curled with a barrel iron using Sebastian Thickefy Foam
Potion 9 was the stylist's choice and a shredded look with a little crimping makes it more eye catching and unique. Sebastian Fierce helped  set the look 

Pure inspiration from this collection inspired by Shear Genius Season 2 alumni, Charlie Price, Meredith Spiros, and Glenn Mitchell.  For this collaborative effort, the trio included the use of synthetic wigs. and paired Styrofoam forms and a variety of fishnets to create this graphic, finished look.  Tent-like gray dresses were used to create an overall Eighties New Wave motif and Carnival theme.

images: behindthechair

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Queen Ann + GQ Magazine

How did I miss this post with the lovely Ann Hathaway as Queen of All She Surveys?
Looking good is the best revenge and she definitely displays that with her new found confidence
Love lighting like this especially in the morning with light softly coming in through sheer white panels
I think I've mentioned before how much I love a corset, this one is no exception, Ann looks lovely under her cascading brunette locks.

images: via myfdb
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