Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a blowout + a bellini

I think this is a novel idea, blow drying classes taught by none other than your favorite hairstylist
One of the most important things beside product, and styling tools is sectioning
The nozzle controls the amount of air directed toward the hair, another tip try to follow the flow by tipping the nozzle downward instead of directly at the hair so you don't over dry and fry hair
A bellini what a novel reward Cheers for a great job done! recipe here

This great concept via the Oscar Blandi Salon. I like the idea, I am constantly asked by my clients if they can have my hands in the morning to lay on their head for that perfectly coiffed  hairdo they leave with. Well now it's all in your hands with these easy tips.

images: nytimes,mindfood


Amanda said...

I the first photo we call that the "morning after" hair. LOVE IT

COCAMIA said...

At the end of the day, a client should be able to do some simple styling at home after we as the operators show them how. It's all about educating! Love this post! Love a good Bellini!

Alina said...

this is great, I wish i was better at blow drying my hair. I've got to work on it. Hope you're doing great.


Sarah Klassen said...

I am seriously trying to pick up on little things that my stylist does to get my hair to fall just so...each time, I try to pick up on something new. Even the tiniest things can make all the difference!


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