Friday, July 31, 2009

eye candy

I love the simplicity of hair that makes a statement such as this model with her chignon piled high on top of her head. These lovely pink ruffles are from Valentino I love the models naturally made up face with emphasis on eyes! Speaking of eyes I made a mad dash to Sephora in need of new mascara recommended to me, I also purchased a lash revitalizer. I didn't know there was such a thing but it worked at the end of a 12 hour day my eyes still felt alive so much that I felt like happy hour hopping with friends but decided to keep myself rested for my bridal day ahead. Leaving you with a little Sugar for Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

color make over

An exciting day in the salon today along with a visit from State Board. State Board to cosmetologists is like a visit from the IRS. I always make the state board officer's my friends. Besides keeping my station clean and as hair free as possible I am always looking for opportunities with paid benefits down in the future. You never know. I want to preserve my haircutting in my high heels as long as I love it. However corns and callusses and tendonitis are common with long hours of standing, and the repetitive motion of cutting, coloring, styling, and blow drying. Color correction is always an art. Today I would be changing Katherine's highlighted natural blonde (level 7) to a soft auburn. A consultation is so important and I spent at least 20 minutes on this one alone. I always encourage clients to bring in photos of what they like. Many times the picture helps to clarify what looks brown to a client might be dark blonde on a color chart. It's all verbiage but when you get right down to it, it's communication visually and coming to a happy conclusion together. I had a great visual from this darling website, I had read about in Voque magazine about the unique mother and daughter dual who were able to cut costs of extravagant clothing and shoe buying by sharing, since they wore the same size, Lucky! Before my color application I prepped the hair to remove product and chlorine build up, this can prevent color from depositing evenly. I started my color application, I won't go into specifics being the perfectionist I am I handled this with my color gloves on taking special care that this lovely blonde head would be in the best condition showing her shiny new head of red 2 1/2 hours later, Voila!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

coiled coiff's

While browsing through an issue of Harpers Bazaar, I discovered these twists and braids from celebrity hairstylist, Orlando Pita. These beautiful twisted coiffs are an uplift to the serene chignon. When working with updo's day old hair works best or use a dry shampoo. When styling spray and lightly backcomb, then brush strands before twisting and braiding in place. After uncoiling the braids and twists, you get some waves that you can just let all hang loose like this.

peel me a grape

Listening to Diana Krall and procrastinating on various projects at home waiting for the Sears repair person to come gave me time for a facial. Yesterday at work my co-worker was very hung over but looking very good. When I complimented Alex on his skin, he gave his recipe, a facial with, egg whites, grapes, and cucumber. I made the concoction starting with the egg white ( a little yolk fell in, oops!) and crushed grapes and cucumber in the food processor. I drizzled the mixture on my skin and immediately felt the firming effect on my skin. With some left over cucumber I massaged it on Lana's crusty nose after all cucumber is very cooling! I decided to give my hair a little conditioning treatment as well. I love Tigi's Rockaholic products the green tea, goji berry are so nourishing for the hair and even though best conditioning treatment should be under the dryer you can apply to dry hair and shampoo out. My skin feels great and my hair smells so good, Lana's nose looks better too!

Monday, July 27, 2009

when opportunity knocks

I open the door. I enjoyed a traffic free ride and beautiful beach breeze to Redondo Beach where I went on my first interview in 10 years since my audition for Trucco. I was very early so I took in the sights as I drove and after passing a few starbucks, decided to get my fix. I took the time sipping my smoothie to add some notes you can never be over prepared for an interview. The opportunity to interview for Beauty 360 came from one of my beauty blogs. I had a good feeling about the concept of this upscale pharmacy with lots of prestigious name, fragrance, skin care and cosmetic lines. I recall one of my European travels to a hair show led me to a pharmacy where I was first introduced to one of my favorite beauty lines. The european pharmacies carry everything including luxury cosmetics not just prescriptions. So what was the outcome? It was an offer I had to refuse, actually I would have to give up my Saturday's in the salon,(one of my busiest and most profitable days) and be available for training ASAP for 3 weeks. I have 3 weddings in the next 3 weeks and a photo shoot. It's not something people take lightly when you drop that kind of cancellation news. After sharing the news with my mother, she was so wise to remind me that the benefits, might be worth the change since I am not going to be this young forever, OUCH!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

doing the dance

My girlfriend Kathleen has me right on when she says I am not a hairstylist that does the dance between clients. I did the dance for many years. This means client booking in between client just to keep everyone happy and needing an assistant to help me. I thought this was what a successful, busy, hairdresser did. I had arrived. Well, I may have arrived but I was overwhelmed and at times the extra stress was not worth it. I decided I was much happier saving my time for those who book ahead for quality time so that I can give back my time with the best sculpted haircut or time for corrective color if needed. This morning on the subject of dance, My first client of the morning, Margaret who dons a chic, edgy, bob that can easily by worn and styled by her and goes well with the tones of auburn and strawberry blonde so delicately woven in shared with me some of her wonderful evenings out to theatre most recently to the American Ballet Theatre's, Romeo and Juliet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. I am obsessed with the whole downtown L.A. scene. You would think I would visit more often. Some of my new go to places are:
Bottega Louie, I heard the white chocolate croissant is to die for. Cocina y Cantina, Casa.. I have been to many of Celestino Drago's restaurant's including our jewel here in Pasadena Celestino but not yet, Drago Centro Looking forward to visiting Cobra's and Matador's owner Steve Arroyo's newest bistro Church and State but I would be just as happy with a Margarita and tacos at Yxta.
In honor of the dance of ballet here is the lovely argentinean, Paloma Herrera. Paloma means lovely bird or feathered dove translated from Spanish. I can't help but be reminded of a favorite family song by the legendary Lola Beltran.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When I opened up this page in the recent edition of launchpad I longed for my bob back! Inspiration comes to me from some of the great artists in my industry, Scott Cole has my gratitude for continuing to give our beauty industry beautiful images of hairdressing that is easily attainable. wearable and looks sexy, flirty, and fun! You can click on the image above to see more awe inspiring looks from this Paul Mitchell artist.

Friday, July 17, 2009

a little about me

Story telling is always so interesting as I lay me down to sleep I have been enjoying my new read, sTori Telling. We all have a story to tell and whether you like the reality tv star, Tori Spelling, or not she tells her story with a great sense of humor and recaps her life starting with childhood memories that molded the Woman she has come to be. I recently watched Oprah's show filled with great anti-aging tips Dr.Oz's, advice is that being passionate in your life about the things you do have a huge impact on staying young. I am passionate about many things, my health, exercising and staying fit, my work, my loved ones including my beautiful animals, are first on the list. I am often asked while at Trader Joes stocking up on their version of greenies, and peanut butter dog cookes, or on my daily walks what made me have such big dogs and especially a pit bull? I adopted both of my dogs, Lana and Bruno or rather I believe they came to me because I believe we are lucky to be a dogs guardian for this short but lovely time they spend with us on earth. They don't ask for much just lots of discipline, exercise and affection. In that order according to my favorite Dog psychologist. I some times fail at the order of affection so hard not to snuggle Lana's tummy in the morning when at my first steps to turn on my coffee she is on her back, legs up, ready for a belly rub. I love my mornings and my daily ritual after the coffee of course is my walk with the early morning air and less traffic to my ears I get some cardio going taking on the hills with two weights in each hand, Lana and Bruno. This picture above was taking in memory of my birthday and enjoying the beauty of the Atheneum where I have precious memories of a wedding past. I was inspired by "Sex and The City," and Carrie Bradshaw's comical and witty writing skills as she shared her knowledge and trials and triumphs in love and life. I couldn't wait to share mine.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

women of color

I am fortunate to be in an industry where I am able to lay my hands on clients with beautiful skin and hair of all color. They range from straight to curly , luscious heads of hair with texture and body. I was reminded of this when I passed one of my neighbors as she was running off to catch her ride, with her lovely, dark, fro, flying behind her. I always am amazed how the littlest things just make my day and inspire me. I asked her once what made her skin glow and her secret, vaseline! Iman has some wonderful tips for bronzing and more. I am hairdresser as well, so I couldn't finish this page with out leaving some tips from a great website specializing in curly hair needs.
Photo above: Iman The Beauty of Color-Google books

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

she is a work of art

Kat Von D is the celebrity tattoo artist that is giving me some much needed inspiration this week in the Salon. I love to watch her in action on her show LA ink. With her beautifully tattooed skin and all of the stories they tell with artistic script and color it Inspires me to go back into the Salon and be a more adventurous artist myself with hair color and make up. I just wonder how she bronzes up with all the tats. I love that she is Latina from Argentina and has a cool make up line with some pretty bold smoky colors just like the colors you would think of in a tattoo.
Another dose of inspiration this weekend came from my visit to a Baptist Church. Leave it to my Mother to Know the right dress code for this service, dressy! The days of dressing down for Church are all too common. I like old school way of getting dressed up seeing men with ties on and women in hats and heels. I was so inspired by Pastor Lucious Smith opening and closing message for the Michael Jackson memorial. When I found out his Church was in my hometown I was so there. All it took was a holler out and my Mother and sissy were able to join. We held hands singing with the choir, what a service filled with a beautiful message of Heal the World a nod to Michael Jackson's legacy and a need to show others that we need to "Walk the Walk," not just "Talk the Talk," in making the world a better place. Did I hear an AMEN?

Monday, July 13, 2009

J'adore dior

Nothing makes me happier than feeling the glow and hydration of good skin. Beside what I do daily to make my self look and feel the best. A good nights sleep and daily exercise can also be complimented with good skin care and great make up. I love to indulge in Dior skin care starting with my eyes. Capture Totale for eyes contains a rare Longoza plant combined with Centuline which prolongs the youthful appearance of the skin, it does work because I recently took a break and used a cheaper version of another eye cream and could see what I was missing. Capture Totale is like an instant eye lift. Next Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Radical Serum before applying foundation gives a moisture boost to the skin with natural radiance. In warmer weather a tinted moisturizer such as Diorskin Nude a fresh, weightless, foundation, and finish hydrates the skin as it conceals imperfections and creates a radiantly, natural, true-life glow. Diorskin Nude is perfect for summer bare skin with an added bonus of SPF 10. Diorskin Shimmer Star a sheer and shimmering all-over face bronzer brightens the complexion with an of translucent sparkles that can be used on the eyes and cheeks or all over for instant glow. For drenched lips nothing adds color and instant seductiveness than a swipe of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect on the lips in shimmering Lacy Apricot. To complete the look for eyelashes that look like butterflies, start with Diorshow Black Out Mascara saturate with one to two coats of this mascara with it’s unique blend of black pigments to lengthen and add the doe-eyed effect, finish off with Diorshow Mascara for glamorous thicker lashes. When it’s time to take it all off, Duo-Phase Eye Makeup Remover removes all traces of make up gently and leaves lashes soft to the touch. You can leave on your Miss Dior Chérie with it’s citrusy freshness and a jasmine heart sprinkled with fruity strawberry notes,and the elegance of patchouli will rest assured sweet dreams to you and me. Buona notte.
Photo: Marion Cotillard for Dior
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