Tuesday, July 28, 2009

peel me a grape

Listening to Diana Krall and procrastinating on various projects at home waiting for the Sears repair person to come gave me time for a facial. Yesterday at work my co-worker was very hung over but looking very good. When I complimented Alex on his skin, he gave his recipe, a facial with, egg whites, grapes, and cucumber. I made the concoction starting with the egg white ( a little yolk fell in, oops!) and crushed grapes and cucumber in the food processor. I drizzled the mixture on my skin and immediately felt the firming effect on my skin. With some left over cucumber I massaged it on Lana's crusty nose after all cucumber is very cooling! I decided to give my hair a little conditioning treatment as well. I love Tigi's Rockaholic products the green tea, goji berry are so nourishing for the hair and even though best conditioning treatment should be under the dryer you can apply to dry hair and shampoo out. My skin feels great and my hair smells so good, Lana's nose looks better too!


Kelly said...

Gotta love the girl who gives her pit bull a facial!

haircutting in high heels said...

thanks Kel, I love my Lana :)

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