Tuesday, July 14, 2009

she is a work of art

Kat Von D is the celebrity tattoo artist that is giving me some much needed inspiration this week in the Salon. I love to watch her in action on her show LA ink. With her beautifully tattooed skin and all of the stories they tell with artistic script and color it Inspires me to go back into the Salon and be a more adventurous artist myself with hair color and make up. I just wonder how she bronzes up with all the tats. I love that she is Latina from Argentina and has a cool make up line with some pretty bold smoky colors just like the colors you would think of in a tattoo.
Another dose of inspiration this weekend came from my visit to a Baptist Church. Leave it to my Mother to Know the right dress code for this service, dressy! The days of dressing down for Church are all too common. I like old school way of getting dressed up seeing men with ties on and women in hats and heels. I was so inspired by Pastor Lucious Smith opening and closing message for the Michael Jackson memorial. When I found out his Church was in my hometown I was so there. All it took was a holler out and my Mother and sissy were able to join. We held hands singing with the choir, what a service filled with a beautiful message of Heal the World a nod to Michael Jackson's legacy and a need to show others that we need to "Walk the Walk," not just "Talk the Talk," in making the world a better place. Did I hear an AMEN?


Megan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! AMEN to bringing back old school style in church - and that's so cool that you're near Pastor Smith.

LOVE Pasadena, btw.

**==--..__Raven__..--==** said...

Kat Von D always inspires...she is a true artist.

haircutting in high heels said...

I agree. I can't wait for L.A. Ink every Thursday! I really love her make up line especially the shadows and concealer

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