Thursday, July 30, 2009

color make over

An exciting day in the salon today along with a visit from State Board. State Board to cosmetologists is like a visit from the IRS. I always make the state board officer's my friends. Besides keeping my station clean and as hair free as possible I am always looking for opportunities with paid benefits down in the future. You never know. I want to preserve my haircutting in my high heels as long as I love it. However corns and callusses and tendonitis are common with long hours of standing, and the repetitive motion of cutting, coloring, styling, and blow drying. Color correction is always an art. Today I would be changing Katherine's highlighted natural blonde (level 7) to a soft auburn. A consultation is so important and I spent at least 20 minutes on this one alone. I always encourage clients to bring in photos of what they like. Many times the picture helps to clarify what looks brown to a client might be dark blonde on a color chart. It's all verbiage but when you get right down to it, it's communication visually and coming to a happy conclusion together. I had a great visual from this darling website, I had read about in Voque magazine about the unique mother and daughter dual who were able to cut costs of extravagant clothing and shoe buying by sharing, since they wore the same size, Lucky! Before my color application I prepped the hair to remove product and chlorine build up, this can prevent color from depositing evenly. I started my color application, I won't go into specifics being the perfectionist I am I handled this with my color gloves on taking special care that this lovely blonde head would be in the best condition showing her shiny new head of red 2 1/2 hours later, Voila!

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