Saturday, July 25, 2009

doing the dance

My girlfriend Kathleen has me right on when she says I am not a hairstylist that does the dance between clients. I did the dance for many years. This means client booking in between client just to keep everyone happy and needing an assistant to help me. I thought this was what a successful, busy, hairdresser did. I had arrived. Well, I may have arrived but I was overwhelmed and at times the extra stress was not worth it. I decided I was much happier saving my time for those who book ahead for quality time so that I can give back my time with the best sculpted haircut or time for corrective color if needed. This morning on the subject of dance, My first client of the morning, Margaret who dons a chic, edgy, bob that can easily by worn and styled by her and goes well with the tones of auburn and strawberry blonde so delicately woven in shared with me some of her wonderful evenings out to theatre most recently to the American Ballet Theatre's, Romeo and Juliet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. I am obsessed with the whole downtown L.A. scene. You would think I would visit more often. Some of my new go to places are:
Bottega Louie, I heard the white chocolate croissant is to die for. Cocina y Cantina, Casa.. I have been to many of Celestino Drago's restaurant's including our jewel here in Pasadena Celestino but not yet, Drago Centro Looking forward to visiting Cobra's and Matador's owner Steve Arroyo's newest bistro Church and State but I would be just as happy with a Margarita and tacos at Yxta.
In honor of the dance of ballet here is the lovely argentinean, Paloma Herrera. Paloma means lovely bird or feathered dove translated from Spanish. I can't help but be reminded of a favorite family song by the legendary Lola Beltran.

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Kelly said...

I'm not sure but I think Paloma has a twin sister who is also a ballet dancer. They did a photo shoot at the Villa a year or so ago.

I want one of those chocolate croissants!

Happy Dancing :)

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