Monday, July 27, 2009

when opportunity knocks

I open the door. I enjoyed a traffic free ride and beautiful beach breeze to Redondo Beach where I went on my first interview in 10 years since my audition for Trucco. I was very early so I took in the sights as I drove and after passing a few starbucks, decided to get my fix. I took the time sipping my smoothie to add some notes you can never be over prepared for an interview. The opportunity to interview for Beauty 360 came from one of my beauty blogs. I had a good feeling about the concept of this upscale pharmacy with lots of prestigious name, fragrance, skin care and cosmetic lines. I recall one of my European travels to a hair show led me to a pharmacy where I was first introduced to one of my favorite beauty lines. The european pharmacies carry everything including luxury cosmetics not just prescriptions. So what was the outcome? It was an offer I had to refuse, actually I would have to give up my Saturday's in the salon,(one of my busiest and most profitable days) and be available for training ASAP for 3 weeks. I have 3 weddings in the next 3 weeks and a photo shoot. It's not something people take lightly when you drop that kind of cancellation news. After sharing the news with my mother, she was so wise to remind me that the benefits, might be worth the change since I am not going to be this young forever, OUCH!

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Kelly said...

What were the benefits?

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