Wednesday, September 30, 2009

rocking the undercut

I have been fortunate enough to have seen Anthony Mascolo in hairdressing action. One of the Master hairstylist's of the famous Mascolo brothers and makers of Dirty Secret. With the recent, and sudden death of elderly brother Guy Mascolo, founder of Toni&Guy he is still in mourning but has shown the resillience and drive that brought him to the top of his hairdressing game. I will never forget the time that I bumped into him as I was sneaking out of a class at the famed Mondial Coiffure Beauté in Paris. Alas I stumbled upon him smoking a fag on a stairwell I was speechless and starstruck as he looked at me with his handsome rebel face and exclaimed, "How you doing mate?" I was in Heaven.
In this rebellious, righteous collection, created by Anthony Mascolo he turns to one of his favorite cutting techniques—undercutting. Here, the technique evolves, thanks to a new approach to balance and fresh details. The sweetest of the three cuts is created with block graduation and disconnection and finished with slicing and point-cutting to soften the outline and create detail. Hair dresser babble. The other two cuts are more radical, with longer disconnection and riotously, texturized crown lengths. It’s all about showing your strength, says Anthony, with forceful shapes that answer the call of the “rock-style lifestyle.” Can you tell I love a blonde Mohawk?


Monday, September 28, 2009

cafe de leche

Always a treat to find that the new kid in town is a coffee shop in Highland Park with a little twist. Just down the street from The York one of my favorite bar hops, and the best media noche sandwich this side of L.A. Cafe de Leche on a late Sunday afternoon with wi-fi business keeping the customers happy and the latte's steaming. I love the orange bike suspended from the ceiling, in it's sleek setting with plenty of coffee tables. There is even a little family area with a checker board to be played and that we did. I sipped a Soy Chai Latte, but next time I'll try the horchata con expresso and sweets from Porto's Cuban Bakery. I love to give my business to local independent businesses doing good things for the community and with the little extra's like the current issue of W magazine along with the L.A. times I will be spreading the news.
A Cappuccino after a delicious cottage salad at Neiman Marcus shared with the flakiest popover and strawberry butter is a great way to unwind after Lollia candle shopping. The biggest chocolate chip cookie for two was a treat so much I took the rest home in my little chocolate chip cookie bag.
A fashion treat these lovely lace stilleto's from Fendi shown here make a smashing statement in colors that remind me of mocha and chocolate.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am always so excited to receive Gwyneth's Goop updates. Today's Goop Make post was about Babycakes Bakery. Health conscious foodie Erin McKenna's concept is sugar-free/vegan/gluten-free. They look deceptively delicious! When in New York my favorite cupcake is at Magnolia Bakery. These cupcakes have New Yorker's standing in line for the old fashioned, melt in your mouth taste. This crowded little bakery is one of the stops on the Sex and the City Tour. Back in L.A. known for their cakes with fresh berries and the lightest whipped frosting, my sister's favorite, Sweet Lady Jane's. I was first introduced to the biggest red velvet cupcake at Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock, sweet! In Pasadena Dot's , lovely little designer cupcakes are a perfect gift nestled in a polka dot bakery box. The mini-cupcakes are the best deal in town. The cupcakes at Violet's are topped with dollops of sugary frosting swirled artfully like beehive hairdo's. Love the Elvis cupcake and the Red Velvet with chocolate instead of cream cheese frosting. I can't forget Heirloom Bakery in my hometown South Pasadena, with their hostess cupcake inspired design and just as decadent. I hope to hear some of your sweet tooth favorites until then, Sweet Dreams!

Monday, September 21, 2009

trucco make up 1985-2009

Looking for a new Make up line to replace the soon to be discontinued Trucco Make up line . As an educator with Sebastian for over 10 years I have been happy to share the wealth of product knowledge because of my love of the product line. As of December 2009 it will be officially discontinued. It is, was, a great make up line with essential ingredients that are good for the skin. Ingredients such as orange, geranium, lavender and lime essential oils, copper, green tea, vitamin, A, C, E, and most importantly non-comedogenic (won't clog pores). Skin tones named because the foundation looked as close to natural as your own. The Duo powder foundation could be used wet or dry. My favorite Depth, gives me just a little more color and coverage when I need a little glow. All purpose color corrector formulated to conceal dark circles or bruises could be used all over for a complete olive golden skin tone and taken to the runway. Trucco eye shadows could be used wet or dry and contained hydrophobic talc to prevent caking. My favorite colors, Luster, in-pale, burl, ficelle, dusk, just bare, calypso. I could take a client from a casual daytime look to an over the top black tie event or wedding with these shadows. I use the afterglow bronzer pretty much all year long as a dusting all over for a little glow or to add a little shimmer to skin for that just "touched by the sun look," like last nights best dressed at the Emmy's. "The eyes are the window to the soul." For that reason a well groomed brow with a little help from Hi-brow trio and it's tiny little brush arched perfectly just so to fill in the brows. Today my make up consisted of a little tinted moisturizer for the face. For the eyes, expresso eyeliner a flick of my mascara wand on my lashes and theshine face creams collection on my eyes, and cheeks. For the lips, naked lip liner and ingenue lipstick mixed with babydoll lip gloss and voila, good to go. I did without my usual loose powder which I love haven't found anything like it, with it's finely milled texture sets make up for day to night with out a heavy or matte look. Don't get me started about my favorite blush trio Ombre with it's tri-color of mauve,vanilla, and champagne can be used individually or swirled around to mix the colors together. Ombre is my number one pic for highlighting and contouring bridal make up, and models. My favorite collection, Pin-up. Inspired by the American Pin-up girls From the 1940s through the early 60s. I do believe as in life, when one door closes another one opens. So with that thought an opportunity has presented itself to carry a line that I have always loved, Aveda. It also helps that one of my mentors Antoinette Beenders with her over the top iconic hair fashion is Vice President, Global Creative Director for Aveda. The company's concept: pure plant and flower essence in their shampoos, down to their candles and also in the make up line. Very consumer friendly, cost effective with responsible packaging, using materials that can be and are recyclable, We shall see what presents itself but so far I Iike what I see.

Beauty Is As Beauty Does.
trucco images shown my own: pin-up face with baby doll accents, trucco pin-up girl 2004, trucco brushes, naughty pin-up face sheet, trucco powders.
flower and green science skin images: aveda

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I love the ritual of my morning coffe or cafecito as I call it. I am especially happy to not only have found a coffee that is equally as delicious as my morning Caffè Verona, rich aroma and the taste is dark and half the price. My new favorite, Joe from Trader Joes with 100% Arabica beans from Colombia, Brazil and Peru that are medium roasted. I love to share good news on great things. Another morning ritual is a daily blog read, I love to find a little bit of pleasure in the time and effort it takes to share our soul through writing. Here is a blogger that I have come across with a name that complements todays post, have a great morning!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Friday night and this girl is home, no where I would rather be. I am listening to the ALMA awards show. ALMA stands for American Latino Media Arts and means “soul” in Spanish. This show recognizes The Latin culture and helps to promote fair, accurate, and representative portrayals of Latinos in entertainment. Add an S to ALMA and what do you get? SALMA! Salma Hayek was just awarded the Anthony Quinn Award for Industry Excellence. She is a pint sized miracle of a woman who is not only beautiful but so talented. Thinking back on some of my favorite Salma movies, Frida the legendary Mexican painter Frida Khalo and her life with Diego Rivera and her tragic accident that never ceased to prevent from painting, and writing but helped her to create more works of art from tragedies and difficulties, no matter what anyone thought. This movie is one of the best and one that she produced from her production company Ventanarosa. Her current project the ABC series, Ugly Betty, also produced by her is taken from a Spanish soap opera and novella, Yo Soy Betty La Fea.
Salma's simple little beehive inspired updo for the ALMA awards created by her hairstylist, Robert Vetica He is also the new representative of Morrocan Oil a product that I was introduced to a few years ago a little pricey but seems to keep unruly, wavy, and thick hair, looking shiny, smooth, and healthy. My personal favorite beauty product? It's a 10 miracle leave in product. I use it to detangle, during cutting, and before blow drying. Leaves a light clean scent and beautiful shiny hair!
This collection of photos of Salma are from Harpers Bazaar 2003. The lovely, latina in a simple little black dress and Pink Erins by Hollywould that I was lusting for and later purchased. Even after I busted a pink heel I fixed them and wore them some more. Not very practical though the satin ankle straps were always sliding down but they sure looked pretty when they were on.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wash for Clunkers

Don't forget to visit Saks today for this very cool daily candy post. While you are trading in your old for your new, why not head on over to Neiman's where you can continue your Louboutin shopping or you can head on up to the 4th floor to shop for your man or let the cute bartender's make you a mean martini!

Monday, September 14, 2009

blame it on rio

One night in Rio was last nights theme at the legendary and beautiful Hollywood Bowl. My favorite Bossannova songstress Bebel Gilberto was the guest artist along with Seu George who is considered the Nat King Cole of Brazil. A lovely medley of songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim and led by conductor Thomas Wilkins, as he kept the audience moving to the brazilian beat. A little surprise change in tempo when he added a John Barry classic, the theme from Indecent Proposal. With picnic baskets in hand we had boarded the Pasadena to Hollywood Bowl bus and the trip was down in 30 minutes.
Rosemary chicken Salad with apricots, pecans, and pears, on a bead of spinach with gorgonzola ( I make this with non-fat plain yoghurt instead of mayo).
Bruschetta my favorite new appetizer
Europane Bakery Deserts
accompanied by Pinot Noir
and sparkling water.
A drink that I read is a brazilian morning favorite and so good for you, Carrot, apple, ginger, cucumber, and parsley juice, can't wait to try it.
Since this is Fashion Week I am including the Brazilian bombshell swim-and-beachwear line Rosa Chá. Hair shown on model : a femme-and-fresh turban-bedecked chignon, perfect for lounging poolside. Instead of the normal elastic bands used for pony tails we are using these bungee type bands that help keep the hair smooth shown here. Loving the gold eye shadow on the darker skinned models as it truly accents the their beautiful coloring. A little white liner on the bottom rim makes eyes pop. The long hair models in their bathing suits remind me of the brazilian dancers at the bowl shaking their groove thing.
Listening to Bebel Gilberto to get me ready for the concert and currently listening to Red Hot + Rio to keep me in the mood.

Hair for Rose Cha models: Edward Tricomi

Friday, September 11, 2009

solid gold

Here are just a few hair shampoo and grooming products that I believe are some of the best.
Oribe 24K Gold Pomade. Not only does the conditioning styler strengthen tresses with keravis and provitamin B5, but it also features crushed gold minerals to deliver an actual 24-karat-rich sheen, can't wait to get my hands into this product, think of holiday coils and coiffs, like this . TIGI Rockaholic! Shampoo and Conditioner revitalize with green tea, gotu kola and goji berry; Punk Out Molding Gunk adds workable hold with beeswax and hops extract; and Rocktastic Hardcore Spray Gel supports wicked style with hydrolyzed cashmere keratin and cornstarch. Love the dry shampoo, Dirty Secret for the days when you want to push your hair a little longer. Another option, Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo this formula zaps excess oil and product buildup sans flaking. Bonus! Provides UV protection. Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber is inspired by the properties of spider silk—flexibility, invisibility and invincibility—to create malleable, touchable texture thanks to a unique high-tech blend of silky microfibers. I use this all the time to piece out texture in men's hair cuts as well as molding updo tendrils. Take hair to high-gloss heaven—without weighing it down. Sebastian Flaunt products such as Shine Define hairspray doles out flexible hold and sheen, while Halo Mist shine spray and Liquid Gloss work to polish and defrizz tresses for an all-night-long silky finish. Love Trilliant with it's softly scented citrus scent to spray on before curling, or flat ironing. , the TIGI Love Peace & the Planet collection utilizing natural and organic ingredients the line includes Freak of Nature Lavender Citrus Eucalyptus Volumizer & Thickener, Eco Freako Cherry Almond Texturizer and Free Ur Mind Cherry Almond Firm Hold Hairspray—with more to come! Looking forward to a weekend of good work, and play with music to invigorate my spirit at the Hollywood Bowl. What are you doing this weekend to invigorate your spirit?

Images: beauty launchpad

Thursday, September 10, 2009

art luna garden

This post is a continued celebration of the garden them and appreciation for hairstylists who think "Outside the box." I was always impressed with this hairstylist turned horticulturist. My sister worked at the original salon location Art Luna, in West Hollywood a few years back. She was a hard working assistant in the salon and was the one who informed me about the garden work he was doing as well as creating a new business, Art Luna Garden. I remember seeing this pics in Domino Magazine and being very happy for his success. I love the playful pic of a girl on a swing in her garden shown here. "When you sculpt -- and hairdressing and gardening are very much like sculpting -- you see a lot of shapes and spatial dimensions that a lot of other people miss," I agree! The pic of Art Luna in his hair color apron looks quite gallant in the garden.
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