Monday, September 21, 2009

trucco make up 1985-2009

Looking for a new Make up line to replace the soon to be discontinued Trucco Make up line . As an educator with Sebastian for over 10 years I have been happy to share the wealth of product knowledge because of my love of the product line. As of December 2009 it will be officially discontinued. It is, was, a great make up line with essential ingredients that are good for the skin. Ingredients such as orange, geranium, lavender and lime essential oils, copper, green tea, vitamin, A, C, E, and most importantly non-comedogenic (won't clog pores). Skin tones named because the foundation looked as close to natural as your own. The Duo powder foundation could be used wet or dry. My favorite Depth, gives me just a little more color and coverage when I need a little glow. All purpose color corrector formulated to conceal dark circles or bruises could be used all over for a complete olive golden skin tone and taken to the runway. Trucco eye shadows could be used wet or dry and contained hydrophobic talc to prevent caking. My favorite colors, Luster, in-pale, burl, ficelle, dusk, just bare, calypso. I could take a client from a casual daytime look to an over the top black tie event or wedding with these shadows. I use the afterglow bronzer pretty much all year long as a dusting all over for a little glow or to add a little shimmer to skin for that just "touched by the sun look," like last nights best dressed at the Emmy's. "The eyes are the window to the soul." For that reason a well groomed brow with a little help from Hi-brow trio and it's tiny little brush arched perfectly just so to fill in the brows. Today my make up consisted of a little tinted moisturizer for the face. For the eyes, expresso eyeliner a flick of my mascara wand on my lashes and theshine face creams collection on my eyes, and cheeks. For the lips, naked lip liner and ingenue lipstick mixed with babydoll lip gloss and voila, good to go. I did without my usual loose powder which I love haven't found anything like it, with it's finely milled texture sets make up for day to night with out a heavy or matte look. Don't get me started about my favorite blush trio Ombre with it's tri-color of mauve,vanilla, and champagne can be used individually or swirled around to mix the colors together. Ombre is my number one pic for highlighting and contouring bridal make up, and models. My favorite collection, Pin-up. Inspired by the American Pin-up girls From the 1940s through the early 60s. I do believe as in life, when one door closes another one opens. So with that thought an opportunity has presented itself to carry a line that I have always loved, Aveda. It also helps that one of my mentors Antoinette Beenders with her over the top iconic hair fashion is Vice President, Global Creative Director for Aveda. The company's concept: pure plant and flower essence in their shampoos, down to their candles and also in the make up line. Very consumer friendly, cost effective with responsible packaging, using materials that can be and are recyclable, We shall see what presents itself but so far I Iike what I see.

Beauty Is As Beauty Does.
trucco images shown my own: pin-up face with baby doll accents, trucco pin-up girl 2004, trucco brushes, naughty pin-up face sheet, trucco powders.
flower and green science skin images: aveda


Brittany said...

I love that first model's lipgloss and eyeshadow! I want!

haircutting in high heels said...

HI Brittany, you can have! Baby doll divinyls lip gloss with a little cherry pie on eyes and black licorice eyeliner.

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