Friday, September 4, 2009

fires and tigers and bears

I want to extend heartfelt gratitude for all of the heroic efforts of the firefighters risking their lives for us all during these last few days of weathering an on going fire storm. Shown here are some of the animals that were rescued from the Wildlife Waystation. Images also shown a firefighter grief stricken over two colleagues death during the fire. The haunting smoke storm from the fires as shown in downtown L.A. memories of 9/11. The worst I hope is over. Happy Labor day to all. I am on my way down to San Diego.


Kelly said...

There is a ginormous sign at the top of Lake thanking the fire fighters, all are welcome to sign it, I will do so tonight on my run, you should too! Also, I honk, smile and wave at every fire fighter I see!

haircutting in high heels said...

Thanks Kelly! BTW did you check out the hunk with the bear and tattoo on his arm? YOW!

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