Monday, September 7, 2009

the urban seed

Enjoying today's W magazine' blog about Paris's Poshest florist, as I am still reminiscing about my recent weekend getaway to San Diego. I was the designated driver on the trip but the train is just as easy and transportation via trolly will get you around town. A restaurant of note when in San Juan Capistrano, The Cedar Creek Inn has the most delicious chicken papaya salad, which I enjoyed in the lovely outdoor patio. The Urban Seed is a gem of a home and garden boutique. The new location is in the historic park in Old Town San Diego and in only 2 months in this new location the owners have layed down a pretty amazing new home. As we posed for pics in front of the foliage garden, my eyes wandered over the many beautiful objects in this warm inviting outdoor venue. Browsing was enjoyable with the music in the back round setting the mood as the owners enjoyed their little wine siesta. We had just finished our "best 5 dollar margarita in town," at Barra Saloon but I was hoping they would ask us to join them. Never the less, Maurice gave us some valuable information about the service that the store gives back to the community. Local schools are welcome to bring in children to teach them the benefits of growing an urban garden. With seeds of all sorts the possibilities to bloom where you are planted are endless. Since we had avoided traffic on the way home a little detour on the way back to Pasadena was not a problem especially when food is involved which brought us to Casita Mexicana, Mole is the specialty here and my chicken mole poblano was delicioso!

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Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I used to work for a trade magazine for hairdressers so absolutely love the industry, it's crazy and there is just so much talent around! xx

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