Friday, September 18, 2009


Friday night and this girl is home, no where I would rather be. I am listening to the ALMA awards show. ALMA stands for American Latino Media Arts and means “soul” in Spanish. This show recognizes The Latin culture and helps to promote fair, accurate, and representative portrayals of Latinos in entertainment. Add an S to ALMA and what do you get? SALMA! Salma Hayek was just awarded the Anthony Quinn Award for Industry Excellence. She is a pint sized miracle of a woman who is not only beautiful but so talented. Thinking back on some of my favorite Salma movies, Frida the legendary Mexican painter Frida Khalo and her life with Diego Rivera and her tragic accident that never ceased to prevent from painting, and writing but helped her to create more works of art from tragedies and difficulties, no matter what anyone thought. This movie is one of the best and one that she produced from her production company Ventanarosa. Her current project the ABC series, Ugly Betty, also produced by her is taken from a Spanish soap opera and novella, Yo Soy Betty La Fea.
Salma's simple little beehive inspired updo for the ALMA awards created by her hairstylist, Robert Vetica He is also the new representative of Morrocan Oil a product that I was introduced to a few years ago a little pricey but seems to keep unruly, wavy, and thick hair, looking shiny, smooth, and healthy. My personal favorite beauty product? It's a 10 miracle leave in product. I use it to detangle, during cutting, and before blow drying. Leaves a light clean scent and beautiful shiny hair!
This collection of photos of Salma are from Harpers Bazaar 2003. The lovely, latina in a simple little black dress and Pink Erins by Hollywould that I was lusting for and later purchased. Even after I busted a pink heel I fixed them and wore them some more. Not very practical though the satin ankle straps were always sliding down but they sure looked pretty when they were on.


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