Tuesday, September 1, 2009

cocktails and cornbread

How decadent huh? I am still in a haze from the smokey air and my cough from flu and asthma symptoms have ceased thanks to meds and love from family and friends. I was able to take the day off to continue recovering and doing so I decided a visit to my mom would lift my spirits. Today she was taking care of my 3 year old niece, and 5 year old nephew, who just adore each other. There is nothing like the little ones giving you some Love that makes my heart sing. And sing we did, and dance too. Why is it that little kids love to do the booty dance? I put a Luther Vandross CD on and immediately the soul train line dance started. It was a good time followed by snack time and by that time my mother arrived in time to see more playtime and relaxation for her. I had an itch that I wanted to scratch with a visit to Anthropologie, but with my mom's advice to continue to save I decided not too shop. I came home and took a late afternoon walk and then gave the doggies a bath as they dried quickly due to the heat and humidity in the air. Luckily the smokey air is now ceasing and containment of the fires seems to be in the near future. As I was starting to prepare dinner, I received a text to join a friend at Smitty's for drinks. I immediately envisioned a cold martini and sharing an appetizer of the delicious skillet cornbread. Unfortunately I would have had to perform a major miracle with my recent illness not totally out of my system, I decided to stay in but unable to get the cornbread out of my system I made some. I used this recipe. I would have loved a Cosmopolitan but tonight a cherry coke with ice is just as refreshing.

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