Thursday, September 10, 2009

art luna garden

This post is a continued celebration of the garden them and appreciation for hairstylists who think "Outside the box." I was always impressed with this hairstylist turned horticulturist. My sister worked at the original salon location Art Luna, in West Hollywood a few years back. She was a hard working assistant in the salon and was the one who informed me about the garden work he was doing as well as creating a new business, Art Luna Garden. I remember seeing this pics in Domino Magazine and being very happy for his success. I love the playful pic of a girl on a swing in her garden shown here. "When you sculpt -- and hairdressing and gardening are very much like sculpting -- you see a lot of shapes and spatial dimensions that a lot of other people miss," I agree! The pic of Art Luna in his hair color apron looks quite gallant in the garden.

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