Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the brazilian blowout+nicole richie

The brazilian blowout, waves like this with out the frizz
Love the look perfect and care free, perfect for transition Spring to Summer
with the recommended products , the right brush and and smoothing serum once the treatment is in, hair waves with out the frizz.
but what's wrong with a little frizz?

You might have already heard the buzz I have been in the know for a bit but not wanting to give in to changing hair structure because I like hair be it curly, wavy, frizzy. Every texture has a story to tell on blonde hair, brunettes and and ravishing redheads. After hearing great results from fellow colleagues, and his rave tweets about this service on her as the requests continued coming from my own clients, I decided to give it a whirl. 
The Brazilian Blowout gives fabulous results for clients who like me, just can't beat the frizz without the swipe of a  flat iron. I think it's important to know that after the treatment although the elimination of frizz is obvious without the proper treatment shampoos prescribed, this Keratin conditioning treatment can quickly relapse sooner into the hair's natural form. On the upside I have seen many a client with successful results. My own concern is most of my clients are color clients as well, and I do believe a proper color preserve shampoo along with the proper Brazilian treatment shampoo should be used to keep long lasting color and shine results. It's important to note; Brazilian Blowout results are only guaranteed with the proper recommended shampoo minus Sodium Chloride which is basically sulfate free (not so many bubbles). What tips do you have for styling your hair free of frizz?
a great model for the brazilian blowout, of course not everyone has a celebrity stylist weekly
I just love her hair + style and always flawless eyeliner
I love a girl who can change her color like a chameleon

Friday, March 26, 2010

happy weekend + going for a ride

looking forward to the weekend and some lounging and some cooking from this book

Did I mention I have been back on my bike? It's spring fever!

a bike to fit any lifestyle like this one from Herm├Ęs

and this one from Chanel

luxury riding from fendi love the little tool trunk for a basket

I ride a Bianchi and love my Celeste green bike, I use to ride a lot more but living dangerously and competitively is not my style. When I need that inspiration I just follow her . Sweet dreams I need to read a little and laugh a lot with this book by my bedside. What are your weekend plans? 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the giving tree

the wishing tree 

the big ass tree

I remember a book I read when I was a little girl called the "The Giving Tree," a book about giving, and  the capacity to love, told throughout the life of child. When ever I have an opportunity to step outside my box and travel and teach I think of it as a gift. I just had an ideal opportunity to teach and share the knowledge of the Color line I represent. It was a lovely intimate setting at a hotel with some cutting edge stylists in the bay area and their intent to squeeze every bit of knowledge I had about the newest collection of color and chemistry behind it. Yes I did have to put my thinking hat on and I did have a few brain freezes that were gently nudged away by the support of one of my colleagues. I also had a chance to meet a darling new friend on the plane, a former L.A. transplant and now sophisticated, San Franciso University student who showed me the way around the city and to the Mission district where we dined on the best carne asada in San Francisco here. Being the hipster she is she showed me a funky little bar that we passed loving the outside just had to take a peek in, I could just see myself sitting down here with  a big fat Cosmo, but declined I had work to do. I love boutique hotels and I thoroughly utilized mine, from a midnight visit to the hotels business center  preparing for the next days event. The morning was just as welcoming as I was greeted by this furry baby

 part of the hotel staff

 and this lovely tune as I ate my breakfast in the darling restaurant below

with raisins in my oatmeal shaped like flower petals
 maybe I'm just super nostalgic but every time I leave this city I leave a little of myself. 
Until the next time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

dirty hair never looked so good

Dirty hair and on Jennifer Aniston? According to her hairstylist to the stars and Jen's mane man, Chris McMillan, her hair had been windblown, and hair sprayed and a little dirty from rolling around with Gerard in Canyon Country for this W Magazine shoot. Looks good though doesn't it? These are those moments when I think yes, this is why I am growing my hair out. Too late I cut it back into my infamous shattered bob like this today. Getting ready to share some Product Knowledge as shown here  and shared here. Leaving to San Francisco this weekend where I will be teaching and looking forward to a little jaunt around the city and some food for the soul any suggestions? More about Jennifer's look here and great tips to keep your skin glowing here

Don't you just love the underwear as outerwear?

                                 Love the dog pic reminds me of mine

                                  More temptation for gerry
Love the lacy lingerie wish I could wear thigh highs to my presentation

images: via wmagazine

Monday, March 15, 2010

pretty green things

In honor of St Patricks day and that green inspired envy that goes along with it, here are some lovely links,
          spa products in varied colors of green, my favorite L' Occitane lemon verbena shower gel
                     Olive oil infused products for bath and body like this and this
lovely little beverage cart in the garden perfect for making some green lemonade or mojitos

yummy lemon verbena lemonade, reminds me of my favorite starbucks drink, recipe here

refreshing mojitos, memories of Miami or this recipe here

because I blog about the beauty biz this image transpired

and this one too, love the creme inspired make up brighter, bolder colors, perfect for spring

time to go to the dentist, really, have a lovely day cupcake!

images: salisstudio,sunsetmazinemarthastewart,

Friday, March 12, 2010

dreaming of paris + dirty hair

I spray a little of this on my pillow for sweet lavender scented dreams
Morning coffee does wonders currently drinking this one
talking hair our dirty secret

                            Beautiful weather beautiful hair, it must be Spring!
I love it when I dream and immediately wake up and remember the nights fairy tales with a smile. Last night I dreamt of Paris, working on a brides hair and arriving to the destination by boat, not a yacht but a darling little ferry! I think it probably had to do with this luxurious page I was looking at or this book I was reading before dreamland.  Upon shredding files of years past I came upon my travels past and present. It has been 8 years since Le Bon Vivant en Paris for me. When in Paris or daily travels, a day or two without a wash is fine for some cool hair styles. Even 3 days you could freshen up with this product Five days with out washing is dirty hair! Because I care I am going to share a little secret with you, dirty hair does not make healthier hair. Often the reverse effect happens and the hair cuticle (hair closest to scalp) becomes clogged with build-up. The result; dull, dry, hair and don't stand too close to me hair! The alternative, using plain old apple cidar vinegar does wonders for clarifying hair as does this shampoo. I also have a doggie remedy for apple cider vinegar but will leave that for another post. Other shampoos like this one from Nioxin I have mentioned before here. Paul Mitchell's Tea tree  also works wonders as well as this  Lavender scented shampoo. Lavender is such a calming scent.  I would also attribute my sweet sleep to the lasting aromatic scent from this candle I burned last night, purchased after following this tweet from Sephora.  I leave you from some inspiring photos from this lovely model.
Bon Jour!

images: fashiongoneroque

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a sight for sore feet

Pink and bling very Sex and the City

What can I say I like big hair especially set with these

Love the voice memos on my iphone I use it to prepare for presentations

Talking makeup with clients and friends especially lashes

Designer cupcakes from here are lovely, but the red velvet chocolate here, make me drool

Colors like this pure fun

After working many hours in my high heels seeing this image from this blogger's cool sight made me smile.. Some things I am loving right now in the Salon : Volupt Shampoo and Conditioner, the cushion particle technology fills in the hairs fiber to keep it full and voluptuous with out being heavy. I love this Fekkai shampoo to keep hair from unwanted build-up. Using Mouse Forte for blowdrying and styling. For more polished straighter looks adding a little Liquid Gloss. Very Curly hair a little Taming Elixir with a spritz of Halo Mist. For the men, Microweb Fiber or Matte Putty does hair good. Using Texturizer for long hair like this, reminiscent of Nicole Richie here

images: here
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