Wednesday, August 12, 2009

julia and julienne's

Julia and Julia what a love of a movie. Beside the charismatic character of Meryl Streep playing Julia Childs with all of her boisterous height and bellowing voice, this movie made me want to eat, drink, and go to Paris. One of my most memorable meals in Paris was at L’EntrecĂ´te . The steak was simple and delicious served in a garlic, butter sauce, and served with very crispy fries. My most memorable stay was at the Hotel Costes . I had the best herb salad here, remember to this day. It was the newest, hottest boutique hotel and was the inspiration for some great D.J. lounge mixes to come. A sexy bob showcased on a model on one of the cd covers was inspiration that I brought back to the salon and continues, I love a classic bob. I enjoyed my martini at the Ritz and it was the most expensive I had ever had! It was worth it as I enjoyed the history of the Hemingway bar and beautiful hotel. Back to reality I decided on a little cooking after a busy day in the salon and some education on a great new product. My menu consisted of bruschetta with heirloom tomatoes, on toasted garlic sourdough bread with bruschetta sauce from Trader Joes. This was one of the mouth watering dishes from the movie, I cheated but you can get the recipe here . I added a few slices of mozzarella cheese with basil and accompanied by red wine of course. Dished a little extra for Kelly as a much deserved treat after her vigorous work out. Reminiscing on the movie a little jewel of a restaurant in town comes to mind, Julienne's. The late Sue Campoy, chef and founder of Julienne's also did some studying at the Cordon Bleu just like Julia. With her labor of love, a beautiful hardbound cookbook, Celebrating with Julienne, came to life. Some of my favorite dishes are the apricot chicken salad with a decadent side dish of their signature rosemary bread. I also love the breakfast from huevos Julienne, muy autentico huevos rancheros and the yummy french toast. A slice of heaven in San Marino.
Creative Menu inspired from Julia and Julia at this Palm Beach restaurant.


Kelly said...

Is the Julia and Julie menu at Juliennes? If so, let's go!

Kelly said...

By the way, best bruschetta EVER!

haircutting in high heels said...

The Julia and Julia menu if from Palm Beach Pulse a restaurant in Palm Beach Florida. I included a little footnote on that in the end of my bloggie. I don't know how to add html under the pics any help would be sooo appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am certainly happy to find this. great job!

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