Friday, August 7, 2009

don't forget to stop and smell the roses

I am grateful for this mornings lovely walk with my two best friends Lana and Bruno. I took a detour to avoid the yappy dogs coming our way. As I passed the walk of doom, I prayed that the open gates ahead would not produce a charging rottweiler. Safe from a rottweiler sighting and annoying barking from the doberman next door I eagerly started my morning exercise. Enjoying the early morning air crisp, and fresh, I felt so thankful that this brisk walk 2 1/2 miles later led me down roads with unexpectedly quaint, historic, homes and their ornate little wrought iron gates that were eye candy for me. We passed 7 dogs this morning, 7 DOGS! I emphasize this because if you know me my stories of Bruno my drama king are famous for his acrobats of lunging and temper tantrums whenever his canine companions are in view. I don't know if I am getting better or if baby is all grown up now, but he barely let out a peep, Good boy! I leaned my dogs up against a wrought iron gate as I took this picture of these baby pink roses above. I don't know what rose breed these are but they smelled heavenly and reminded me of my most recent fragrance gift with it's fragrant bouquet of peonies and roses. Have a lovely weekend!

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