Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ay cindy!

Cindy Crawford es muy sexy! Browsing through the pics in Vogue España allowed me to practice my second language. There are many glam photos I love this one where she is hugging herself. It must be a comfort thing. I caught myself doing that in class recently . I love it when credit that is given to hairstylist's for the stars they coiff. Sam McKnight takes credit for Gisele Bundchen's mane and said she has the best hair in the world. Classic, and eternally beautiful with spectacular hair is how Sam Mcknight describes Penelope Cruz. Another client who he defines as a sexy, chameleon, with her cover look is Kate Moss. Sally Hershberger takes credit for Katie Holmes new bob. Colorist Nelson Chan gives Heather Grahm a playful, sexy, look with highlights that bring out her baby blues. Orlando Pita, styles Gwyneth with my favorite blowdryer. He is also lead stylist for Dior with Pat McGrath my inspiration for glamorous make up.

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