Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cardio barre

Yesterday in the lovely city of one of my favorite pizza places. I noticed some thing new. I had heard about Cardio Barre from some valley friends and what a great work out it is, brought to life from the inspiration of modern dance and ballet, with a little street mixed in, ( think of Flashdance). Sounds great but I have Tracy Anderson to work out with. That is her video , a bump and grind mixture of cardio moves with skipping, jumping, kicking, and arms moving enough to get a sweat going. She claims that Madonna, doesn't do dairy in a recent magazine interview which is testimonial to her taut physique. I meant to work out with her this morning but got caught up with my blog hopping and now going to an afternoon matinee showing of Julia & Julia, the movie inspired by this blogger.

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Kelly said...

Heartbeat House has a cardio barre class! We should go!


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