Sunday, August 23, 2009

models without make up

In this month's Harpers Bazaar, Some of my favorite models are shown with out make up and their tips for timeless beauty. Shown here are my personal favorites. Cindy Crawford tames her hair with Morrocan oil Helena Christensen keeps her skin luminous and dewey with microdermabrasion and grean tea facials . I like Amber even more after seeing her role as Allegra Cole in the movie, Hitch. Amber uses Epicuren products as part of her beauty regimen. I perform a major miracle on my skin with these products, enzymes, alpha lipoic, and collagen, from Epicuren. Dior eye cream gives me a lift. What do you use?


Megan said...

Right now I am really into the Laura Mercier skin care stuff. I have super red skin, and Laura Mercier products are all sensitive-skin friendly. When I run out of my facewash, Philosophy Purity, I'm going to get a bottle of the Laura Mercier face oil. I heard using oil vs. a cleanser is awesome.

I love that some of the blogs I read are doing make up free picture posts. I'm not there yet in confidence, but someday!

haircutting in high heels said...

Thanks Megan, love your tips. I hear a lot of great things about Laura Mercier, A bride just shared with me that she purchased all of her bridal make up with a complimentary make over that gave her the confidence to re-create the look.

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