Tuesday, August 4, 2009

headbands in the heat

I have been growing out my hair this summer I don't feel like spending time blow drying and flat ironing my own hair and really love the carefree waves of summer so to deal with the in between stage I decided I needed some new headbands. On the cover of a magazine in the salon I saw a pic of Jessica Simpson leaving the gym with her hair twisted and effortless but really attractive. While doing some fun shopping today, I had to stop and compliment a fellow fashionista and on her hair. Her lovely blonde streaks were pulled back in chignon with hair sprouting around the rubber band and tucked in with bobby pins. Just like the one pictured above on Molly Sims. I did opt to buy some headbands at H&M today they had some great ones with a little flower on top. If I feel ridiculous I can always give them to my favorite niece who at the age of four is already making me proud with her love of being a girl. Keeping it natural and luminous looks great during the summer. I can't wait to try this new tinted moisturizer. Another new treat is the gift I received from my last purchase, perfect for the summer, soft, natural glossy pink.

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carlee said...

Thanks for the comment! I just found this post on your blog and love it! I just moved from CA to MA and the weather here is so hot and humid. The idea of blow drying is scary...I'm living in my headbands!

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