Friday, July 30, 2010

fresh {eat pray love}


Read the book before you see the movie, and you will have a different idea of the characters chosen, Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem? That's ok I'll pay good money to go see a movie just to drool over Javier, lucky Penelope!  I am in heaven that my favorite Sugar line is now carrying these new scents inspired by the movie, Eat, Pray, Love. one of my all time favorite scents is Sugar, have been wearing it for years so much so I can't even smell it any more. When I want to be super indulgent I also use the Sugar Scrub and the cubes in my bath
Tonight on my way home I had something good to EAT: Baby's  pink truck what a welcome site coming home from work, so bright and pink at first I thought it was a cupcakes truck.
 PRAY: getting back into my daily yoga practice with a little help here keeps me conscious of my breathing and attention to things that matter and discard those that don't, like wasted energy.
LOVE: is always all around us, the opportunity to spread love with kind words, a soft touch, or even a smile. I'm a sucker for love and such a goon. I even got a little teary eyed watching the recent episode of Bethenny Getting Married. She is so happy and yes, more maternal being a mom. Her Cookie monster is something else and needs Cesar. Speaking of my peanut butter cookie monster,  Lana, my sweet dog is aging and along with that come some concerns that gave me a little scare this week, so much that I practically left the salon with my clients color still on just to snag an emergency appointment with her vet. (you know what I mean) Lana dog is much better and recovering quickly with lots of LOVE. More sweet love here

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

white before labor day {or any day in l.a.}

I once posed this question "When is it ok to wear white?"
the answer was, "In L.A. anytime." 
What do you think?

 So sorry for the lack of posts, walking the dogs has kept me busy as well as keeping up with some some fun hairdressing trends.
hope all is well in your world, thank you for all of the lovely comments and just saying hello, More updo inspiration here

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

getting ready {for the bride}

traditional or contemporary
hair up or down
ah the dress, I wish I knew about this place when I was wedding dress shopping,
{via} above and below

Love this over the top sophisticated looks great on her lithe figure love the look, very tango meets flamenco, a la Carmen speaking of looking forward to it soon here with him
isn't it amazing that this little white dress can be just as special as a long white gown

I've got my make up bag packed and my bag of tricks too.
For another Wedding by the Sea tomorrow

since I will be working I usually like to keep it comfortable with some summer sandals perfect to show off my newly painted pink toes like this

I feel like the Queen bee of books, currently reading, Based Upon Availability, Oh My Dog, The Daughters, and This is Why You're Fat, (hate that title but oh so good with tips on nutrition to keep you focused).
What are you reading lately, care to share?

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

screen goddess {marion cotillard}

Last week in the salon one of my clients was admiring Marion Coutillard on the cover of this month's Voque. Made me want to be that kind of girl than I saw these from next month's Interview made me want to be this kind of girl too!
just dreamy
right now I'm just a girl and her dogs enjoying the day

what kind of girl are you?

What a versatile actress she is. Looking forward to seeing her in the movie, "Inception," with Leo DiCaprio, (does he ever age?) My favorite, movie with Marion would probably have to be La Vie en Rose, the story of the greatest French songstress, Edith Piaf.

Monday, July 19, 2010

inspiration {bringing back the sixties}

Twiggy I never get tired of looking at that face, those eyes

 Peggy Moffit with a Vidal Sassoon timeless and precision hair mod bob
much of the inspiration for my model, Jennifer's hair + make up came from inspiration above and below
a little bit of sophia and raquel too don't you think?

more Peggy Moffit + le maquillage below

Sometimes short and sweet is better, thought I would share the things that are inspiring me in the salon with this sixties style make up and hair inspiration and some of the inspiration behind my chair at a recent photo shoot I worked on. Any timeless looks inspiring you from the past?

images: twiggy, peggymoffit,jennifersalter,tumblr, video

Thursday, July 15, 2010

boyfriend material {he fits mine}

Seriously this dude has the coolest last name, Sebastian and my nephew's first name. He also has some great gusto to just put it out there. What he wants that is, you can read the full post here:

1.Confidence - I want someone who can act with certainty, someone who is sure of herself.
2.Intelligence - I hope you read, know what’s going on in the world, and can understand different perspectives and views.
3.Humility - Know who you are without feeling the need to tell everyone how great you are or making everything a look-at-me situation. You don’t need to sell yourself to me. I already see something in you.
4.Compatible sense of humor -  Chemistry and timing are two very powerful things, and I love finding someone I can get in sync with. Be dorky. Be witty. Be you.
5.Open to learning - I’m open to learning new things from you, and I hope you’re open to learning new things from me. I don’t like willful ignorance.
6. Good with/ doesn’t hate children -  Not relevant now, but if FutureGirlfriend wants to become FutureWife, she should like children and work well with them
7. Not a slacker -  I try to give whatever I’m doing— work, relationships, etc.— as much as I can. I hope you work hard in whatever you do.
8. Have a creative side - Dance, ballet?
9.Care for others - You don’t have to volunteer every weekend, but do what you can for others
10. Loyal/ committed - I value loyalty. I think there’s security in stability. I love stability. If I’m with you, I’m with you, and you won’t have to worry about me looking elsewhere.
 What do you think? Does this fit some of your boyfriend/girlfriend criteria?

images: zara, vmagazineagentbauer,tumblr

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bronze beauty {kate moss}

this Vogue campaign with Kate Moss as a castaway took my breath away, her lips shimmer with a lipgloss for summer like this that I love a nude with a champagne simmer

 a glimpse of beautiful bronze skin with just the right lighting showing off her glow
long leather straps that wind around the legs are my favorite for summer

for hair, dry shampoos with color like these work wonders for your streaky locks

what are you wearing on your skin this summer?

I just pulled out this bronzer if I can look half as good as Kate I'm happy

The wow factor with make up colors like this palette of golds and bronze and champagne a good rule of thumb for a 5 minute quickie when it comes to summer make up, my personal favorite for summer are creams. If you want to add a little powder try this Citrus infused one from JurliqueWhat gives you the wow factor for summer skin? More summer fun tips here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

it's Monday {wedding season}

if you are going to the chapel what better shoes to wear?

embellished train and shoes how lovely

flowers make for a lovely bridesmaid

Monday is officially my  día de descanso (day of rest), but I am usually preparing for the week ahead. Had a chat with this wedding planner and was enchanted with her real life images of multi-cultural brides and their weddings all to the tunes of Bebel Gilberto. Dresses like this are proof that you don't need to wear a long dress to be a bride anymore. Good things, you can now shop at J.Crew for my personal favorite, cargo pants  and a wedding dress all in the same place a sure sign that times have changed. Personal style and comfort is important. Speaking of , My friend Liz over at le passion for fashion posed this question for me, How old is too old for cute flower headbands? I had mentioned in this post that I had gifted my big floral headband to my little niece. I personally felt silly wearing this particular floral headband on my head after seeing how perfect it looked on a little girl. I believe it's all about personal style, if you feel good in it, wear it, when in doubt, don't. Fresh flowers never go out of style and always look lovely no matter what your age, remember Frida Kahlo? 

images: goingtothechapel,beautylaunchpad,thecherryblossomgirl

Friday, July 9, 2010

pink dreams {happy weekend}

It's Friday and feeling good after being pampered with a pedicure and a cocktail at Dashing Diva!
   I just love this bubble bum pink hair, this choppy bob is eye catching in color yet still feminine
  It's not an easy color to pull of but this model seems to do it well with her hint of sun kissed skin, and  a little shimmer around the eyes
Not ready for full on pink, how about subtle pastel strands like this?

could you wear it? 

More pink hair here and how to achieve it, with the palest of streaks starting with Blondor  and maybe a little special mix like the first few images with 0/65 (a fuschia pigment of pink). A softer pastel pink like the one above with the new Wella Special Blonde 12/96 Cendre´ violet (on palest blonde hair a soft pastel pink)
Happy dreamy weekend!

my pink dream shoes are here!

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