Saturday, July 24, 2010

getting ready {for the bride}

traditional or contemporary
hair up or down
ah the dress, I wish I knew about this place when I was wedding dress shopping,
{via} above and below

Love this over the top sophisticated looks great on her lithe figure love the look, very tango meets flamenco, a la Carmen speaking of looking forward to it soon here with him
isn't it amazing that this little white dress can be just as special as a long white gown

I've got my make up bag packed and my bag of tricks too.
For another Wedding by the Sea tomorrow

since I will be working I usually like to keep it comfortable with some summer sandals perfect to show off my newly painted pink toes like this

I feel like the Queen bee of books, currently reading, Based Upon Availability, Oh My Dog, The Daughters, and This is Why You're Fat, (hate that title but oh so good with tips on nutrition to keep you focused).
What are you reading lately, care to share?

images: lanvinwedding,marthastewart,,zara,tumblr


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Love those dresses. A wedding by the sea sounds divine! Wedding make up... so much fun! I love doing my nieces for their prom ~ they love it and it's fun! xo

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Such gorgeousness...and yes...ah that dress on image #3!

Hope you're having a lovely summertime.

Cheers: Evi

Fé... said...

Weddings are simply very lovely. It always makes me happy to think of weddings. It's one of my happy thoughts :p I love soft ruffle dresses and tulles. They capture my heart.

yolanda said...

Hey Gina,

Your posts are always so awesome. Love it!

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