Wednesday, June 2, 2010

what's in your bag of tricks?

Sally Hershberger, a true hairstylist to the stars, her favorite on the go products here

Shaper fierce, I like it too!

I agree don't scrimp on a good hair dryer. These high powered tools minimize the amount of drying  time with the right amount of heat and technology. The cuticle smoothing, and moisture retention that an expensive dryer has, will save your hair in the long run.

Mason Pearson the Rolls Royce of brushes costs a pretty penny but again, makes a difference in smoothing the hair especially with all the rage Brazilian Blowouts. I always recommend having a good boar bristle on hand too.

A smoothing product is essential for letting hair dry naturally devoid of frizz or taming while blow drying. I know Morrocan oil is all the rage, but my personal experience has been it leaves a bit of a residue in the hair. If it works for you please let me know, I'm willing to give  it another try.  My favorite smoothing serums: Sebastian Trilliant ( leaves a halo of sparkle in the hair) and liquid glossOriginally seen on Gwyneth's Goop I would love to try this finishing treatment to see if it's worth every penny. What's in your hairstyling bag of tricks?


Pop Champagne said...

mmm I gotta try the Sebastian Trilliant. lately my hair is going frizzy and dry on me so I'm awfully curious!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Love my Sebastian products! Love the volume it creates, better than any other!
My hair is aging, and changing it's character in the process, I'm keeping it trimmed,but trying to grow it out at the same time!
I can just tell the difference lately.
Any suggestions?

haircutting in high heels said...

Hi Ladies, thank you for your comments! @PopChampagne I hope you do get to try Trilliant it will help combat your frizz. @Bumpkin on a Swing happy to suggest Nioxin shampoo and conditioner with Scalp Therapy. I have recommended and noticed the change immediately in between hair appts. with clients. I also love the Nioxin NioSpray great holding and styling tool, leaves a reflective shine on the hair without making it greasy!
Let me know if that helps,

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