Thursday, June 17, 2010

good bones

when I first saw these shoes here I thought they were borderline scary, ugly

these are the strappy version by Dsquared

it's amazing how I changed my mind and I thought they were hot when I saw them on her

sometime it's just about having good genes and good bones that makes a pretty sight,

see what I mean? 

By the way I took my color a little lighter, like she did, using my favorite new Extra Cool Blonde Powder, I like subtle highlights that peak and then pop as the weather gets warmer! Hope you are enjoying warmer days and a little Vitamin D naturally here .

images: theblondesalad,jexandthecity


suzie said...

hey, thanks for coming by my blog and leaving me a comment...good to meet you!

I have to say, as complete bone-a-freak, these shoes do it for me big time!!

lisa said...

I want her haircut!!! Love the color too. The shoes are outrageous. I would rock 'em.

Alina said...

oh man! the dsquared shoes are amazing, they scream vanitas to me!

and as for the Beckhams, just beautiful!

So Sincere,

Anonymous said...

woah those are insane!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

ive loved those shoes since the day i saw them. siiigh.

Nisam deo tvog klišea said...

I am in love with these shoes!

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