Sunday, June 6, 2010

it's sunday {i'm dancing in my underwear}

nude and barely there lovely

when your done dancing in your undies

pile your hair up

with a top knot 

 Sunday morning inspiration from the lovely Kaya Scoledario, My favorite day of the week!
A humid hot day and dewey skin, calls for an early morning walk with my furry friends and maybe even a bike ride.
 How about you?



Couture Carrie said...

Exquisite pics, darling!


Anonymous said...

Stunning pics! Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday. We are having an early birthday celebration for my husband w/ my parents ~ birthdays get dragged out a whole week in my family! ~Deb xo

Lindsey said...

Love that first photo!!

stells and co. said...

I love her! Last year I was hooked on the show that she was in called "Skins".

Stephanie said...

great pictures! love the nuetral shades!


The Zhush said...

Just had to stop by b/c your blog name is so cute...and I was not disappointed! :)

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