Tuesday, August 31, 2010

modern day tea party

This pic just makes me happy the ruffled blouse, the pink cupcake to match her hair with the butterfly bow
The pink shoes, I love them!
That lovely layered cake is making me want a piece, another lovely cake with a bow on it here.
More pics from this editorial here

I have loved this Alice in Wonderland editorial the moment I laid eyes on it, so when I read about the recent tea party at at Rebecca Minkoffs in her lovely store filled with handbags and shoes, {oh my}I thought this would be a perfect way to share it.
My favorite tea at the moment is my bedtime tea, with hints of  chamomile and mint  I am sure to have sweet dreams. What's your favorite tea?

images: here,here and here

Monday, August 30, 2010

do it yourself wedding hair {colorful tips}

When you have a wedding or any formal occasion for instance like last nights, Emmy's thats when you definitely need a little extra help from the experts:

Hairstylist:  You definitely want someone who can handle high pressure events, of course experience helps, usually your own hairstylist is the best source of referral if not she/he can refer you to someone who can rock that french roll, or a softly placed chignon, a coiled coiff or half up half down but you better have enough hair or there are other options.
Hair extensions: Many brides-to-be forgo the updo altogether in favor of long, beachy waves. For this extensions add the voluptuous hair that you need for the look. They should be professionally done at least a month in advance that way you can try them out, and wear them out.  I usually recommend wedding trials on an event like a bridal shower or dinner where you can wear the look or one similar and see how it lasts and most importantly how you feel.
Facial + Waxing A definite necessity! That's where a consultation before the wedding is so important. Wild brows on a wedding day a pretty bride does not make. Facials at least a week or two before the wedding. Microdermabrasion makes the skin especially luminous which makes for beautiful make up.
Make Up a trial is recommended if you are in town if not have a look book with all of the make up you love and it will make that day go that much smoother. I love a lash so get ready thats the day to wear them.
Spray tan if you so desire, just make sure you exfoliate first and start the tanning process ahead of time. This would be something I suggest the same time you come in for your trial make up.
Hair do Again, look book or tear sheats with the latest Giselle bunchen updo here.
If you think you, you think you can, just like The Little Engine That Could, than this is for you:
great tips on following the how to on your updo here.  Another updo kit here.

images: nymag

Saying "I do," {at the zoo}

A couple who loved the Bronx zoo so much they got married there.
Edible wedding momentos Animal cookies, fun and whimsical.
The Wedding invite, what a hoot.

Any whimsical plans for your big bash?  More about the happy couple here.

 images: nymag

Sunday, August 29, 2010

color me red

When I saw the new fall campaign for St John I gasped with an insane desire to change my newly highlighted honey hues to this rich crimson color

ah.. sweaters for fall how I have missed you

When making a change, sometimes a little encouragement is all we need

I could totally see myself going for drinks in this outfit!
Inspired by Saturday nights summer cocktail offerings including, Jamaica  (pronounced hah-MIKE-ah)  a latin inspired drink made from hibiscus tea leaves with a lovely red hue to it.  Non-alcoholic recipe here.

Lovely burnished copper tones,  honey hues with a touch of strawberry blonde, or just some much needed shine after the change of season from summer to fall. Whether you are a brunette, a blonde, or a  beautiful redhead, there are so many ways to refresh your color. What are you doing to your hair?

images: stjohn,sunset

Friday, August 27, 2010

baby it's hot out here

With temperatures in the triple digits in L.A. keeping hydrated and cool is the way to go. Earlier morning walks and lingering over coffee leaves me less time for my own hair, but that's when the ease of soft, tossled, waves, make for a day to evening do.  All the ladies in the salon stay cool  as we twist up our hair in top knots, and braids, and keep clients feeling cool and pampered with a refreshing drink as the enter the salon. A cool rinse after a conditioning treatment is not only good for the hair but feels oh so nice.
How about you, how are you staying cool this summer?  Just looking at these images for inspiration of simple knots, an upswept pony tail, a fun alternative to braids, and classic chignons help
keep me cool!

images: d+v,sundaysuppersmalcomedwards

Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's like this stud

I keep seeing hints of studs on shoes again for fall. What do you think are studs back? If so I may hang on to my studded booties.

or how about this studded bootie?

Don't drool too long they're already sold out.  Darn I never act fast enough. These booties would have been perfect. Haircutting in a high heels is taking it's toll and an open toe for fall really helps and a wedge is an added bonus. I love flashy shoes but these may just be too trendy, what do you think, did I miss the boat?

 image: dior,jeffreycampbell

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

miranda kerr * {el fringe}

This editorial titled El Cuerpo of Miranda Kerr, that is. I have affectionately coined it El Fringe. For no one could look this spectacular growing theirs out like she does in this editorial. After seeing this
recent pic of her I decided I'm doing it again this fall, the fringe that is. What the heck it always grows right? Check out the full editorial here.

*There is no literal translation for bangs it is one of those words that we say the same en Español y Inglés.

images: fashionising

Monday, August 23, 2010

Coco Rocha {wow!}

this summer's hot topknot and this falls fabulous booties
 Coco in an artist's loft used for the Nordstrom's Fall Campaign
Not only is she lovely to look at but she's also a writer for the Huffington Post

When I first saw this video of this magical wedding on one of my daily reads here. I thought it was spectacular and the bride looked familiar but thank goodness for google, I was able to solve the mystery of who this lovely face belonged to. Super Model indeed as seen here. This Canadian beauty recently got married, and what a wedding, love the candid shots of her in her dress, with the lighting dim and the rustic, worn, look of backdrop castle walls. Magnificent, glassy, images of the chandeliers drops rustling through the trees, could it be any more romantic? Enjoy the short film version below.

Coco + James // Short film from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.

image: cocorocha,ososcoco,fashionising

family affair {living the life of lauder }

For Aerin Lauder, who is the senior vice president and creative director for Estée Lauder, the flagship brand of the Estée Lauder Companies, it really is a family affair. She was groomed from an early age by her grandmother, Estée, and her parents. But it’s dedication, not privilege, that gives her an edge. Like most working parents, this mother of two tries to balance a high-octane schedule with family time. Here are some things surrounding her and inspiring her living the life of Lauder.

a gold mirror a gift from grandmother Estee

she favors handwritten notes

 un chocolat, have you tasted these? Just the sight of the box makes me drool.

gift giving includes this mini with a musical play list

family time especially reading with her children

her love of the beach as a child

probably has a lot to do with her love of her favorite place to visit , Il San Pietro di Positano in Italy.

her personal style at home

is filled with flowers

even the lovely bar has an orchid alongside

a simple necklace

gold clutch

I don't know about you, but I noticed a common theme, everything she touches is gold. 
Maybe I need to try this favorite product of hers too!

images: nytimes

Sunday, August 22, 2010

last dress standing {a tribute to Alexander McQueen}

if you watched the recent episode of Rachel Zoe you saw the Fashion Relief for Haiti show, with Model Naomi Campbell sashaying down the runway in a moving tribute to the late Alexander McQueen.  This moving tribute by Naomi and other Supermodels viewed here, wearing the infamous Alexander McQueen super high curved heels are as memorable as a museum art piece. As is this dress, not previously shown in his final collection in Paris this last Spring, this dress was designed especially for his longtime friend Annabelle Nielson.

image: nytimes
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