Monday, August 30, 2010

do it yourself wedding hair {colorful tips}

When you have a wedding or any formal occasion for instance like last nights, Emmy's thats when you definitely need a little extra help from the experts:

Hairstylist:  You definitely want someone who can handle high pressure events, of course experience helps, usually your own hairstylist is the best source of referral if not she/he can refer you to someone who can rock that french roll, or a softly placed chignon, a coiled coiff or half up half down but you better have enough hair or there are other options.
Hair extensions: Many brides-to-be forgo the updo altogether in favor of long, beachy waves. For this extensions add the voluptuous hair that you need for the look. They should be professionally done at least a month in advance that way you can try them out, and wear them out.  I usually recommend wedding trials on an event like a bridal shower or dinner where you can wear the look or one similar and see how it lasts and most importantly how you feel.
Facial + Waxing A definite necessity! That's where a consultation before the wedding is so important. Wild brows on a wedding day a pretty bride does not make. Facials at least a week or two before the wedding. Microdermabrasion makes the skin especially luminous which makes for beautiful make up.
Make Up a trial is recommended if you are in town if not have a look book with all of the make up you love and it will make that day go that much smoother. I love a lash so get ready thats the day to wear them.
Spray tan if you so desire, just make sure you exfoliate first and start the tanning process ahead of time. This would be something I suggest the same time you come in for your trial make up.
Hair do Again, look book or tear sheats with the latest Giselle bunchen updo here.
If you think you, you think you can, just like The Little Engine That Could, than this is for you:
great tips on following the how to on your updo here.  Another updo kit here.

images: nymag

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