Monday, August 9, 2010

beautification on a budget

Great Recession-proof tips about how to look your most beautiful and age gracefully, without the barrage of hideously pricey products.

You can read the full post here:
                                              1. Soften your face's default expression.
2. The easiest-fix: stand tall
3. Cross your legs at the ankle instead of the knee.
4. Nude shoes elongate your legs.

5. Throw away the drinking straw.

6. Slumber on a silk pillowcase.

7. It's called Beauty Sleep for a reason.

8. Defy gravity.

9. The smartest accessory: a hat.

10. Chin up.

I am so guilty of having a poker face while working or making quirky faces when applying make up as if I was applying my own (opening my mouth while applying a clients lipstick). Softening my facial expressions has been an easy reminder once I caught a glimpse of myself in my computer screen! Hope you had a lovely weekend.  A great ending to a busy work week with  great company and dinner at a downtown favorite, here, Trying to re-create the great margarita with a huge ice cube we ended up at the new Ritz Carlton L.A. beautiful views and lots of cute couples posing for pics and some great music playing in the back round in the women's lounge I wish I could have tagged . 
sunday doggie classes are keeping me balanced.


Sarah Klassen said...

Just beautiful! You always inspire me to think about what I apply to my face and what I wear each day... you are the style queen! Thank you!

Hope you had a great weekend—thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes :)


Alina said...

Great suggestions Gina! Honestly no matter how much you spend on beauty and fashion if you dont have confidence and follow the simple steps you suggest its pointless.

Have a great one : )


haircutting in high heels said...

@Alina you are so right, confidence is key!

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