Wednesday, August 4, 2010

bottled water

On my way to the gym today stopped by Trader Joes no time for dinner before my spin class and not wanting to ruin the momentum with having a late dinner after a good sweat, I picked up my new favorite Cliff bar in mint flavor and feeling a little guilty as I also picked up some bottled water. I usually carry my water to go in a large pink Starbucks coffee tumbler that I have converted to my reusable,washable, water decanter by my station to keep my hydrated throughout the day and a reminder to drink up. Today I realized I forgot my water mug and drank from a pretty wine glass at work ( I do this at home too, just feels better). Now to the class, As I listened to the music and started to follow the cadence of the instructor, through my asthma inflicted short deep breathes, I noticed every person in the class had some sort of water tumbler, no plastic bottles (except for me). Ok, yes it was a rather small class but still that is way cool, don't you think? Some designer bottles with a worthy mission here, my earth day pledge here.

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Stephanie said...

That Evian one is really cool!


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