Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Inspiration {discipline}

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Discipline does take a lot of time and practice just like yoga .  So many good things in my day to day life that take time and practice, practice, practice. Inspired by this lovely lady's rocking redhead, I recently took one of my blondes this color, she loves it. Had the opportunity to create a new look on some really kinky, hair like this. The trick is conditioned hair and the right products for this curly texture. I used the brazilian blowout masque, which I find leaves my brazilian blowouts so conditioned when followed by the proper after care at at home, more about the brazilian blowout here. Practice and education is essential for staying on top of my game. Have had the pleasure of working and learning with Nick Arrojo and inspired by all of his razor cutting techniques which men and women alike ask for in the salon.  Beside's all the beautiful wedding hair, I find myself so inspired with the billowy, soft, updo's, that can easily be worn for a day to night time look like this. Enhancing a clients new look with make up and a soft summer liner, is like the icing on the cupcakes, speaking of, do these not look divine? A great recipe here. Some much needed obedience classes here have been making my mornings brighter, it's amazing how the essence of what we learn in one area, in this case, discipline, relaxation, obedience, can enhance our lives in other areas. More puppy love here, and some lovely, lash inspiration here.

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