Sunday, August 29, 2010

color me red

When I saw the new fall campaign for St John I gasped with an insane desire to change my newly highlighted honey hues to this rich crimson color

ah.. sweaters for fall how I have missed you

When making a change, sometimes a little encouragement is all we need

I could totally see myself going for drinks in this outfit!
Inspired by Saturday nights summer cocktail offerings including, Jamaica  (pronounced hah-MIKE-ah)  a latin inspired drink made from hibiscus tea leaves with a lovely red hue to it.  Non-alcoholic recipe here.

Lovely burnished copper tones,  honey hues with a touch of strawberry blonde, or just some much needed shine after the change of season from summer to fall. Whether you are a brunette, a blonde, or a  beautiful redhead, there are so many ways to refresh your color. What are you doing to your hair?

images: stjohn,sunset


Nikosmommy said...

Love this St. John ad campaign...the model is very Christina Hendricks-y!! That shade of red is so regal and rich,,but the model definitely has the skin tone to pull it off.
Having come back from holiday this week, my colour is bleached out and a tad fried from the sea/sun combo for 5 weeks. I'd like to go darker for fall, back to a honey brown and chestnut combo with maybe a few lighter highlights running through....

Anonymous said...

hi gina!

happy sunday!

love this post and fierce red is amazing. wish i could get away with this color. i've tried and found out its a color that needs alot of attention, but still admire it. st john wear is beautiful, i would so love to wear the last ensemble for a disco night with some delish drinks like the last ones.

enjoy the rest of your weekend and may you have an awesome week ahead.


Kelly said...

I want that sweater! Just look, it's $695 buckaroos :( Let's do the red! Just tell me when.

stells and co. said... that colour red! So great for fall!

Mango Gal said...

Karen Elson is so amazing in these photos. Such a beautiful shade of red.

I'm still a bit chicken to change my hair color, but I think I'm going to change things up with some bangs and layers for Fall.

Found your blog via Simply Seductive, love it!

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