Friday, February 5, 2010

natures seduction

Going over Wella's spring format for 2010, I was captivated by the name of one of the new hair color services we will be offering in the salon: Natural Arts Services, and from what I can see the color formula's are going to be so seductive with natural levels of highlighting on the hair in more than one tone. This particular formula works best on dark blondes and sun kissed brunettes with soft, earthy, warm, tones and a touch of burnished gold. The texture, perfectly imperfect finishes combined with layering for naturally voluminous feminine movement. Some new shades to balance and blend the already perfect color. I hope you enjoy the bit of inspiration from the lovely hair, more here and here.

 images: Bela Adler & Salvador Fresneda


tinypaperheart said...

gorgeous, gorgeous hair! :)

worldinapapercup said...

Wow, I love the hair in those pics! Maybe you can post a how to for "hair challenged" people like me.

XX Niki

Couture Carrie said...

Sooo gorgeous!


Sarah Klassen said...

Beautiful! I think that the first one is my favorite of all...just gorgeous. I have red hair, and have always secretly dreamed of dying it a pretty color like this, even if just for a short time :)

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend / xo

COCAMIA said...

Absolutely Stunning Images! I love this business we're grateful!

Fé... said...

I love the last image so much. Marvelous hair!

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