Monday, February 22, 2010

natural arts service + inspiration

  Natures arts services is a new color service in the Salon using Koleston Perfect and Color Touch. Inspiration from Wella Trend Vision 2010, Nature's Goddess and Techno poetry images. Using slices, diagonal sections, different weaving techniques, combined with a smudge of natural color placement.
The result just the right balance of warm and expressive color.
love soft hair cuts like this, worn straight, or voluptous, accented with a fringe
collage inspiration of warmth and expressive cool tones to blend on this brunette

warm and subtle blonde 

Wella Pure line of color, inspiration as seen here for blondes. 
Not too matte and not too gold A blonde, balance of, cool and warmth.
 Beautiful, healthy hair color, and luminous shine. Looking forward to sharing these new services in the Salon. 

More inspiration add a service like, Touch of Gloss for added shine.
images: wella professionals


COCAMIA said...

Such stunning images!!! Love the images with the fringe! Hot!

Fé... said...

I'm so loving the brunette. One cool inspiration. Not that surprising coming from a great girl like you are :p

Kristin said...

WOW. Gorgeous. I would love to be able to carry off bangs like that. Sigh.

madeleine said...

I always like to see models with bangs above the eyebrows. i tried that once its all about face proportion. mine is a bit round for it. but it's still pretty classic!!<3

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